Connecting soundcore speakers

Can I connect a soundcore rave to a soundcore rave mini speaker

If both have the party cast function it should be possible.
But check this out.

There’s two technologies Soundcore have used. They have TWS where two identical speakers can pair, or there is Partycast where any speaker regardless of type can work together.

So you must either get two identical speakers supporting TWS, or speakers with Partycast. No other combination.

The Rave Mini supports TWS, the Rave doesn’t support anything. So the Rave can’t connect with anything, the Rave Mini can connect to another Rave Mini within the caveat it has to be identical and another bought at a different time may not work together as there’s often undocumented differences.

Joke: Soundcore will stop selling everything but Partycast speakers and all speakers will be Partycast, and they pair by using the app easily. Partycast allows each speaker to be left or right or mono.

Yeah, as if. No there’s everything they ever made for sale and they have in effect random capabilities due to poor documentation. Coming soon there’s a different Rave Mini series and a different Motion+ and lots of “fun” helping each other through the undocumented chaos.

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I look forward to someone adding partycast type of functionality to the standard bluetooth spec, and then we can do different manufacturers. And a smart device at the core could just connect to all the others over bluetooth…

Retiring old products is definitely a thing that seems hard to do around here.

It’s in Bluetooth 5.2, the chipsets existing now for Soundcore to use but there’s so few phones supporting it would be a little silly to do it early.

I’d rather they prune what they sell to make it simpler for the consumer as here in the community we’re often first to attempt to help.



We the “little helpers” here have often no chance to help.
We never get our hands on those items customers ask about.
Those are donated to “unpackers” creating useless videos.

But we do our best!
You see what happened to our @professor :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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