Community upgrade happening - how to ignore

FYI there is a community change happening, you will get puzzled and here is how to ignore.

Top-right corner will see notifications. Mostly ignore. The community admins are moving older threads to being in specific sub-forum categories, that appears as a reply notification. Ignore.

Go to unread and then see new things - they are actually new.

Go into unread notifications and mark as read - they are ghost notifications not real.


It is good to see notifications working tho…



I do not understand. The notifications that are unread are real.

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I had loads and realised as soon as I clicked on one of them.

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Useful to know :wink: now all ignored and any newer ones will have my full attention!

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Thanks for the heads up. I was beginning to wonder why I was seeing tons of notifications. O.o

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Thanks, @nigelhealy!

To clear out the old notifications, click your profile picture in the top-right corner and click “view older notifications”.

Then, click “Mark all as Read.”


Thanks, all reset here :thumbsup:

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Appreciate the info. I was looking at notifications and wondering why they were coming in from 15+ day old posts.

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that sucks

just figured it out

thanks for the info

thanks a lot

i liked how it was before

They should make an easier way

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Hi @Naveen_Ali,
We appreciate your enthusiasm, but it appears you may be purposely splitting your sentences into multiple posts in order to earn more forum points in this and other forum posts. Please review the rules as repeated offenses can result in a ban. Thank you for your cooperation!


We have a rebel in the forum :joy: