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Yes thank you now I know just what to do

I see you everywhere here lol

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Hello I am George I am 14 years old. I got Soundcore Liberty Lite a few days ago. I was at the gym changing my life by losing weight. Because I over weight. At the gym I was listening to music with the Soundcore Liberty Lite. I lost them I was looking for 40 to see were to find them put I couldn’t find them. I have the earbuds but not the charging cables. I need the charging case. If someone can help find a charging cas for Soundcore Liberty Lite. I will play for it. I just need help getting one. If you can plz help out. I loved the Soundcore Liberty Lite.

@gpilar666 word of advice for you buddy posting the same message in multiple different threads is considered spam and can lead to you getting banned.

Post your message in one place only and members will help you out.


Yes please I think that’s a good idea :bulb:

1, do that normally anyways.

2, do that normally, and reply … Even if I get no likes for it … of course the next commentator does and repeats what I already wrote. … So not sure how this will result in an answered tick … The person with amlike, or the first person?

3, only do this if it’s something I want.

4, do this everytime when NOT just USA , but in 18+ months, have never been chosen.

5, that happens at whatever speed it does.

6, as 5

7, do as needed, even if frequently ignored.

One thing that should be stopped IMMEDIATELY. LIKING RANKING
why? Cos that’s all about popularity and not about actual input into the forum.

That’s my suggestion.

More testing opportunities for OUTSIDE USA.
Is another suggestion.

Trust level
Should have levels.

Level 0 to 9 basic
Level 10 to 14 intermediate
Level 15 to advanced

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Why are there no… Edit post PENS at the end of my posts?

We’ll certainly not on this topic… Or all three of my comments would have been just 1!

Employ a full time Anker rep on the forum.

That way, they can control the forum better, respond to questions instead of them going unanswered, celebrate people’s birthdays (like most international companies do),

Hey @AnkerOfficial
Are you even listening?

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netiquette its never bad.


congratulations guys!! :clap::ok_hand: :gift::tada::balloon::confetti_ball: