Coming Soon: PowerCore Select | Anker's First Portable Chargers with Fabric!



I doubt there will be any holes for air circulation, will be regular fabric wrap attached with 3M kind of adhesive to the battery body exterior


I want everyone to take note that the Soudncore flare is covered with a similar cloth, and is extremely durable.

I’ve noticed several people who are concerned about durability, and honestly, this isn’t a concern.


There were never any doubts on the durability of PowerCore Select 10000 (or any Anker products for that matter), believe it was more of discussion how this would hold up, due to being a charger, it is bound to get warm (slightly…) fabric portion should or may be compensate it


It looks good :slight_smile:


I prefer my standard Anker PowerCore portable chargers - I would be concerned of getting that fabric snagged on something and looking rough. I look after my stuff well but often use my gear outdoors and would like damaging that fabric - I have a few different PowerCore Charger but my favourite is my PowerCore 20000PD I use it for my MacBook Pro all the time and I also use it to charge my Anker SoundBuds Lites


This is awesome! Thank you!


Adding fabric to the battery casing is an awesome idea; so many times I’m fussing with things in my pockets — trying to keep my wallet between my keys and my car fob — adding fabric would make things a lot easier — and warmer! Hope this catches on with more products. Approved!


my worry about fabric (in spite of having a very nice Google phone case that is fabric-covered) is the bacteria it can potentially collect. but I love the look and feel of fabric on electronics accessories, and I especially prefer it to that matte coating that seems to break down into a sticky mess given enough time.


Also, for those concerned about fraying, I’m not sure what other users have experienced with the official google fabric cases, but I’ve been using mine for a month with none whatsoever. It seems to be fabric stretched over a plastic case, and it has been pulled taut. it also hasn’t started to smell bad, and ive had no stains. I do worry about people using this case on their phone who also take their phone on the toilet with some regularity, but I also assume it can be surface washed with a light soap and/or mild disinfectant, which may not be the case with a battery charger. I like the approach Urbanears has taken with many of their headphone headbands, where you can remove them and throw them in the wash, but they remain an integral part of the headphone that the user uses and enjoys (as you pick out the headphone colour you like most). I’m unsure how Anker would implement that in a battery (perhaps a washable outer shell that you would put back on the battery and not just a flimsy sleeve that most would dispose of, and not just something permanent that renders the fabric difficult to clean?), but they’re quite good at being innovative and solving problems.


Original post updated with PowerCore Select 20000


Thanks for posting @joshuad11 !


I purchased the Select 20000 and I can tell you it`s a great powerbank.


It is not Fabric.
And it`s “may” not available at Western Country.


Glad to hear you like the PowerBank…the PowerCore Select 1000 is the fabric model, the Select 2000 is like other newer PowerCore models with the ribbed plastic texture…


Powercore select 10k mah is also using ribbed plastic texture


Does that one have two ports?


That looks pretty sweet! Wonder if it will cost a bit extra for the fabric? And if they will offer different colors?


With 2 ports


Maybe they have already decided to ditch the fabric


Thanks, it looks like only the version with one port is fabric.


Looks great! Glad they ditched the fabric, not a fan!