Coming Soon: Icon+



Soundcore is preparing to launch another new speaker... Take a look at Icon+!

We don’t know any details yet, but we’ll be sure to update you as we learn more. Stay tuned to the Community.

For now, let us know what you would like to see with Icon+!

Personally, I’m really hoping for USB-C.


More speakers than the Ministry of Sound


Do we need a plus model?


I've yet to get a flare or icon, leave alone a bloody icon+ :rolling_eyes:


Get a FLARE Mac, you will be satisfied!


More speakers on the way... :bow:
Thanks for sharing...:thumbsup:
I really need a sound bar for my TV.... need to justify a case for having Infini Pro :grin:


May be there is a try to create a "new mania":
"collecting speakers"
Many different types in many different colours.
Oh, I forgot the addendum "+" :joy:


We have the speaker model xyz.
We have the speaker model xyz with that "+"
And we have model xyz and the model xyz+ in many colours.

How many "different" :grin: do we have?

And we have many models as well!


Not sure on the color.


We need a variety of colours Anker!:crayon:


Way too many models and speakers :confounded::anguished:
Focus more on soundbars and tv speakers Anker @Anker Wink wink :wink:


Good Color Thanks For Share!


Ooh interesting! Wonder what the difference is in the +?

See it's lost it's big hanging loop, usb c would be great to reduce the variety of charging cables I have!


I know a lot of people will not care too much for the color but I find it very sporty.


I kinda like the colour to be honest


Honestly not mad at anker for this one. It’s actually a product that’s different enough to justify (assuming it’s equivalent to other + models of speakers). It’s a speaker I would be interested :thumbsup:


I miss the strap that's on the Icon.


Looks good addition to my collection!! Thanks for sharing @Insider


I'd like for it to have USB C and also give us more color options :thumbsup: