Combining outputs in parallel

apologies if this is a repeat, i couldnt find a definitive answer to this, everyone seems to be asking about combining outputs in serial.

have a powercore 20100 battery pack, which has 2x USB outputs that are specced to provide up to 2.4A each, or 4.8A total.

looking to power a string of LEDs, which could draw up to ~3.5A or so.

question is whether i can wire up 2 USB cables to combine the 2 outputs in parallel to get a single 5V output with 4.8A current capability?

will this cause an adverse interaction with the power supply? can the 2x outputs be at slightly different voltages such that they fight each other and damage the power supply?


Each output has separate power regulators , if you connected them in parallel you’ll get slightly different voltages and so will drive a current back into one of them.

Not recommended.

It might work but would accelerate the aging, and for sure nullify warranty.

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thats what i was worried about. ok thanks for the info. i will find an alternate solution

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