Charging case Light confusion of Soundcore Life Note

When I am connecting cable to charging case … For some time light will glow but after some time it will go off…Just confused whether it is working or not and when removing and reconnecting the cable to case again the light will glow and after sometime it will again turn off…

When battery is low its show Red light also…

Can u please explain how it will work… or is it a problem…

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Light on = charging
Light off = charged.

Same problem. did u find a solution?

I am really worried, would be really thankful if u could let me know how it got fixed

Hi, this thread here is about not reading / understanding the manual about lights. Your ask is about not charging properly which is a different problem. Replied to that thread:

same problem ,after 10 minutes of charging the led light will stop glowing means not charging ,bcz of that the earbuds also not charging properly only 50,60% charge
if there is any solution plz tell us anker ,

I also experiencing the same problem
Can anybody give me a solution

I’m facing the same issue.
Can anyone help me out?