Charging a late 2014 Macbook Pro with a 2800 PD plus power bank

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Is it possible to charge a Macbook Pro (2014 late) with a USB C to lightning cable using the 2800 PD plus power bank that I have purchased? There are a lot of videos regarding USB C charging but my MacBook Pro does not have this…


This may be possible in the near future. Rumors point to Anker releasing a MagSafe to USB-C cable, similar to the recently announced DC to USB-C cable.

USB-C was added to the MacBook Pro in 2016. Yours doesn’t have USB-C and charges through Apple’s MagSafe connector.

There are a few USB-C to MagSafe adapters on the market. None from Anker, and none signed off on by Apple. So do your homework before you try one out.

For non-USB-C laptops I usually recommend getting a power station. They are like power banks, but include an AC outlet. That allows you to plug in your laptops wall charger. It is heavier and more expensive. But also a safer approach.

Anker’s Power Stations

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Thanks a lot for the feedback. I will look into these adapters and see what is safe to use…