Caschy's Blog on Anker Charging Products Introduced at Launch (German)

For my German friends, here’s a great recap of the products launched at our RE [Charge] event last week.

It’s in German, and it was shared to me by our PR team in Germany.


Thanks for sharing.

Our EU friends are asking when folding pins products are going to be available.

I’ve been asking for UK for years and got one product recently which I bought.

Anker has been doing folding USA pins for as long I’ve noticed.

Could be a question for a live AMA community event? Submitted questions answered win a nominal prize to add to the sense of fun.

Always great to see reviews branching out from other countries. Google translate does pretty well letting me read them most of the time


The folding prongs is so cool. I’m going to look into this:) I’ll ask a friend in UK PR:)

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This is great feedback for me. I do get these reports from PR, so I will continue sharing the links here:)

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