Car Thing by Spotify



Not noble, I am better off. The bike I use was from 2007, so now 12 years old, cost me less than $100 a year in chain oil, tires, cables. The train costs me about $5. When on the train I am checking work emails etc and in total I spend about the same elapsed time as driving but I get to work having biked for 30 mins and having worked for 30 mins. Driving is so dumb.

I get the fact we all live in different situations, but I see the end of the car as inevitable, only debate is when. Those who disagree can cough, die young, or drown.

There is enough solar energy to power everything, it will probably need the politics to change, e.g when Florida disappears. Technology will then get funded and oil companies Chapter 11.

When I leave my house for the day, usually with a Fusion 5000, enough to keep my gadgets going when moving, when I see a wall socket put the 5000 in there. Works for me. Cars. Pah.

Schools. Look at how Australia did it in the outback, kids stay home and just video conference to the teacher. Remote Learning.


I love the relaxed time on train, to and fro. Only time I get to spend for myself, rest of time goes on office work and time at home is for home :smile:


Interesting, but I don't think they are actually going for sale. I was reading they may send some of them to selected premium users so I think it would be hard to get our hands on one them


They are trying to get a feel of consumer reaction, premium members invite-only club. If things materialize, they may go with a partner to introduce for full production... Till then it is play in the sun.


Would you buy one? Let's say, if it was for $50


If they bundle it for Spotify premium service for 6 months + device, then yes.


Interesting, seems like more players are wanting to listen in to your conversations in the car.


I didn't even think about a bundle. But I agree with you, bundle it up and I'm game :thumbsup:


Once they bundle it, then they do the amazon-way. If you have the Car Thing device, you get 10~15% off on subscription. Plus time to time discounts, and more.

Increase / show benefits, keep users loyal and stick to thier service.


Spotify needs to offer you a job on their marketing team :clap:


:blush: I wish.. but this may be their grand plan of action


Not a bad plan. We just gotta wait and see :thumbsup:


I envy @professor, wish I could do the same. No proper commuting options for me, so we car pool, better than driving multiple vehicle going same places.


SO I accept most people simply cannot de-car themselves like that, but over time almost everyone can. Pick your jobs, pick your home, the option to choose comes up often. In most cases when I challenge people its usually a facile excuse. The most common valid reason is related to children as they cannot so easily be moved around without a car and one cannot necessarily get near schools. That can be fixed easily, just takes time and will and politics to catch up.


If things go my way, would really live 100% virtual and work from home and patio, no commute. I can spend the commute time for trail walk and be more productive :blush:


It is quite viable, just takes a sustained direction to align career, where you live, proximity to schools etc. You don't have to live in an expensive place to be just near a job. As you pay for a car after tax, if you also happen to live in an expensive place, effectively you have to earn double because that extra salary to pay for all the costs is being taxed about 40% plus the car cost itself.

My last major career change when I got made redundant was based on the criteria of not driving, I moved to only home with bike+train and that saves me effectively 2 hour/day not going to the driving god. As it turns out then I ended up working from home 90% so probably could have lived further from the jobs somewhere cheaper, but that's now my next change.

I accept its not going to work for everyone, but if even just 20%-50% who could, would, then the reduced congestion and pollution would benefit everyone. So we all gain. We don't have to wear sack cloth


There is lot of scope for car pools, public transport use, but still don't see people using it unless there are laws / legislations brought. Some countries are already employing odd / even number plate auto use, no auto for heavy fog / smog days,...

May be bring more days when there are no auto on roads


Interesting "thing" but weird name, as someone already pointed out. Not sure what marketing branding did there


Roav Viva did this sometime back last year - bundle Amazon Music with Viva / Viva P... I never use / used amazon music though.

Was going through social media, saw this old post from Aug 2018



Yea I've never used Amazon music before either. It may be worth keeping an eye on. Thanks :thumbsup: