Car Thing by Spotify

Spotify is venturing into Hardware with it’s new “Car Thing” , primarily voice-controlled device and powered via a vehicle’s 12-volt outlet.

Its interesting to see new devices coming into Auto area, this is sure to get crowded soon.

Competition heading to likes of Alexa and Google Assistant.


I have you found any links to articles you could share?


@tugar32 Missed to include link


That’s interesting by Spotify. Weird name honestly


Wierdness makes it unique :laughing:


Sounds like its another away to gather more information from its users…


My car is running out of these 12 volt outlets :grin:
This app will request access to data and location and … Request will be limitless

hope they had simply introduced voice assistant within Spotify app on smartphones

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Is a car even going to exist?

The pollution in cities is driving to ultimately electric vehicles, public transit, and bikes/scooters. As soon as it becomes viable, the populations of the wealth-creators will move to the cities with the best air quality then all cities will have to match to not financially implode. So that part is inevitable. The only debate is who/when.

The robotic car, self driving, once it gets safe enough will then cause insurance to be higher to drive, and then become illegal to drive. So that is also inevitable, so just debate when.

So we’re all going to end up not in a car with a 12V DC outlet, we’ll be in transport, electric, with USB outlets. I helped my local train operator make decisions and the direction is to USB as it’s cheaper, when we costed it, than to make 110V AC to only have it become USB DC anyway.

I don’t own a car, I bike to the train. I take an Uber, which will eventually become self driving electric as the cities will force it to address air quality.

If we don’t then basically we’re all coughing at a young age and living more cramped with the less land we have with dodgy water quality, intense storms and the insects everywhere.

That is a very noble thing to think and plan for. This will catch steam soon once we near the end of oil and gas, it’s already happening with trend towards Electric.

I commute by train to work, car is used mostly for kids to school and joined carpool with Community families here and use car on weekends. Doing my bit as much possible.

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Not noble, I am better off. The bike I use was from 2007, so now 12 years old, cost me less than $100 a year in chain oil, tires, cables. The train costs me about $5. When on the train I am checking work emails etc and in total I spend about the same elapsed time as driving but I get to work having biked for 30 mins and having worked for 30 mins. Driving is so dumb.

I get the fact we all live in different situations, but I see the end of the car as inevitable, only debate is when. Those who disagree can cough, die young, or drown.

There is enough solar energy to power everything, it will probably need the politics to change, e.g when Florida disappears. Technology will then get funded and oil companies Chapter 11.

When I leave my house for the day, usually with a Fusion 5000, enough to keep my gadgets going when moving, when I see a wall socket put the 5000 in there. Works for me. Cars. Pah.

Schools. Look at how Australia did it in the outback, kids stay home and just video conference to the teacher. Remote Learning.

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I love the relaxed time on train, to and fro. Only time I get to spend for myself, rest of time goes on office work and time at home is for home :smile:

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Interesting, but I don’t think they are actually going for sale. I was reading they may send some of them to selected premium users so I think it would be hard to get our hands on one them

They are trying to get a feel of consumer reaction, premium members invite-only club. If things materialize, they may go with a partner to introduce for full production… Till then it is play in the sun.

Would you buy one? Let’s say, if it was for $50

If they bundle it for Spotify premium service for 6 months + device, then yes.

Interesting, seems like more players are wanting to listen in to your conversations in the car.

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I didn’t even think about a bundle. But I agree with you, bundle it up and I’m game :thumbsup:

Once they bundle it, then they do the amazon-way. If you have the Car Thing device, you get 10~15% off on subscription. Plus time to time discounts, and more.

Increase / show benefits, keep users loyal and stick to thier service.

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Spotify needs to offer you a job on their marketing team :clap:

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:blush: I wish… but this may be their grand plan of action