Capsule Max to 3 Laser Upgrade - questions

Hi folks,
I’m considering upgrading my Capsule Max to a 3 Laser, but I have a few questions…

1 - Does the Cap3 offer auto vertical AND horizontal keystone? Or, if not, does it have manual quadrilateral (move the four corners independently) keystoning? My usual use case is projecting to the ceiling from a nightstand beside me, so I need to correct both vertical and horizontal distortion.

2 - Any technical issues with projecting onto the ceiling? No overheating or other problems in this orientation?

3 - What kind of adapter / hub would I need in order to feed both a USB memory stick (or a micro SD card) AND external power into the USB-C socket? This isn’t an issue with the Max, as power and USB (A) are separate sockets. I’d want to use external storage and run the Cap3 for longer than the batteries allow.

Thanks, folks, any help would be appreciated.

Dave S.