Can you use a 100w Anker cable with a 45w Anker Ace adapter?

Hello, new user here. I’m thinking of getting a 100w cable and a 45w Anker Ace plug for my S23 Ultra which I will be getting in December so I can super fast charge it. As the cable and adapter are both from Anker I’ll assume they will work fine but can I double-check if this is indeed the case? Thanks very much! :slight_smile:

This setup is fine. In fact, it’s great to have 65w of power for your device. Anker batteries are intelligent chargers, meaning it won’t deliver more power than your device can handle.

To be safe, I guess, or (my preference, lol) to be curious, check out the power ratings for your S23. I use an iPhone 14 and my power rating varies (as will yours) depending on the charging method. The 14 is fast-charging capable with a 20w adapter. I’d be more than happy to use the setup you outlined for my device because of the intelligent charging.

You can always use high quality cables with 100w and more. The max. output will be based on the charger and the charging device. You will never be able to squeeze more than 45w out of your cable with the Anker Ace :wink:

On the other hand if you have a 100w gan charger and a crappy cable the cable will be the limitation to the charging speed.

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