Can roav viva n roav bolt co-exist n connected to the same phone to my car? I like alexa n google to be around :)



If i already have roav viva connected to my phone. Can i still get roav bolt to be connected too with the same phone?


Technically you could, but depends on your phone.


try it and let us know


Both will work. iPhone connects to Car Audio via Bluetooth. iPhone connects to Roav Viva/ Viva Pro / Bolt via Bluetooth. All these are independent connections.

Each smart assistant is summoned by uttering "Alexa" or "Ok Google"

So these will work if you have these connected in the car at the same time, to the same smart phone (iPhone should work, cannot comment on Android)

However most / majority cars have only 1 12W charger port on the Car Front Dashboard so either Bolt or Viva can connect for proper voice pickup by the device.

There will be one more in the rear ( I have it one in front and 1 in rear)

So I can visualize the setup this way -- Bolt in the front port, Viva in the rear port.

Car Driver in the front uses Bolt, Passenger in the rear uses Alexa. Both connected to same phone or different phones.


They might not own both yet... do you?

Gonna be completely honest, I can’t recommend the bolt if you have an iPhone. I don’t know about android...


not both just Bolt


You got a good note there mate! Not much luggage… just straight to the point comparison.