Can not put 2 soundcore motion+ in Stereo Group Mode - different FW Level

If have two soundcore motion+ speakers.

One is already one year old, the other one I just bought
I followed instuctions to get them into Stereo group mode. But they never seem to find each other
When I do press the bluetooth button on both they both start flashing White forever

I did do a firmware update on both of them:
One now shows 45.49 ( this is the old one )
The one I just bought shows firmware 73.75

No more updates available on both now

Is there any trick, or can I not pair those two ?



Same issue here, my units have the same fw versions (older @ 45.49 and newer one at 73.75) and I cannot pair them in TWS mode.
I’ve opened a ticket with support. Hoping they have the answer!

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Support has reached out to me. They confirmed the different versions will not pair together in TWS mode.
There are two versions so they are sending a third unit to me to swap out the different model.

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Thanks for letting me know.
I already did send back mine - and I hopefully get at least my money Back for 2nd speaker

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Got the answer but a time or two they will do an upgrade depending on customer feedback and have made changes before (although I still think the motion plus was still fairly new)

Now if it had party cast then you would not have had an issue as those will pair with a few other devices with the same party cast… Good luck and enjoy the devices…

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Hi there!

Thanks a lot for this topic,
I got the same situation.
I bought first speakers to evaluate quality of sound and it was very well.
After it I decided to buy second and I met this sadness. :slight_smile:
I’m trying to solve it with local reseller.

Sad to know that Anker didn’t focus customer’s attention for this characteristic of this very not bad product!


The same is with Flare mini and Flare.
Customer should recognize.
And of course yes, soundcore should note this in their specifications.

Not a surprise. They changed the electronics within but kept the same product name.

I’m ok with them upgrading products but not ok with keeping identical product codes and product names.

I’ve been telling them for years to stop doing this, for exactly the reasons of this thread. Do they listen?

Did you solve it? I’m experiencing the same issue

Contact support and they will send a new one. 2 (out of the now 3 speakers) will pair, due to there being 2 different versions and the third one you get to send back.

At least that’s how they handled my request.

I have the same problem. It shows off little respect for their customers not to warn them for this…

I have the same issue, but just bought this 2nd one from Amazon… i can’t imagine them sending out another one so i can have two that are compatible!!

Could be the well known different versions of firmware (hardware)
Take a look at the numbers (both speakers) and ask the support,