Can I get a replacement USB Receiver?

I have a wireless mouse and keyboard combo but have lost the wireless receiver/adapter to use it. Can I get a replacement? I would hate to have to throw this product away and buy a logitech set. I know that logitech lets me buy a replacement receiver and re-program it to pair with my mouse and keyboard. I would be glad to pay for a replacement and continue using Anker products.

Please answer here in the forums so other users know how to get a replacement for this. I was searching about this issue and found a post about my exact problem but was able to learn nothing because the reply said to reach out through support, which is the opposite of the point of a Forum where the Community can learn.

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But is the only option. I don’t have experience with loosing a receiver. I think you have to contact and than you could share your experience with us.

As @Kopra_12 mentioned support is your only option, as they are the only ones who can determine if they have stock of the receivers to sell you. No one in the forum realistically answer your question other than refer you to

As mentioned by @elmo41683 and @Kopra_12 you would be best asking Anker directly via the email address. Based on past experiences with transmitter / receiver items, they are usually hard coded and paired to each other during manufacturing, to prevent multiple items in close range clashing, so it would most likely need to be a complete new set rather than just a replacement adapter…

I appreciate the answers. @ndalby It seems you’re saying that if the USB receiver is lost than the Mouse and Keyboard need to be replaced, albeit support may be able to help you, though that method may not be considered reliable.

Too bad, I hate to waste good equipment and recycle otherwise functional hardware.

If you know the frequency of the wireless mouse n keyboard, you MAY be able to get something off Amazon etc

Found these…
Logitech Unifying USB Receiver for Performance Mouse MX

I have been so disappointed by Anker’s support, I feel like I have to share my experience. I too broke my USB receiver and needed a replacement. I contacted support to ask how can I buy one, because for environmental reasons I did not want to throw a perfectly working mouse.

The first answer I got was, because I was after warranty period, they can’t do anything. I then escalated the ticket (you can do that, there is a link in their answer), and got this outrageous response from a manager:

Thank you for your message.
We do apologize for this situation. But please understand that, as our staff said, at the moment we do not sell mouse accessories separately. Since the dongle and the mouse are matched. The mouse and dongle have the same frequency, that’s why they can be used. If the dongle is lost, we cannot sell you a dongle with the same frequency.
Thank you very much for your understanding and support.
We can offer you a 15% discount for this negative experience. And we are so sorry for all the inconvenience.

Wish you a pleasant day!
Best regards,
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Manager Service Client AnkerDirect

This is just a lie, you can absolutely pair a new USB dongle with the mouse, as it is stated in the manual. Moreover, we tried with a colleague of mine who had the exact same mouse (model A7852M), and it worked perfectly !

Anyway, all I can say is don’t believe Anker when they say support will help you acquire a new dongle. That was not my experience… Each time they offered a 10% or 15% percent discount so I can buy a new mouse, but they didn’t care that would be an environmental nonsense…

Haven’t you posted that already?

Yes I did, in this post to be precise :

I want to show Anker’s dishonesty to as much people as possible. I hope you’ll join me in doing so