Calling at all Power Users, our new sample page has arrived!



Great cant wait to start


Wish I was one


Has anyone recently submitted their feedback review? Submitted mine this morning (x3 review locations), refreshed the page and my sample was updated to submitted as usual. Just had a look now to see if it has been added to my ongoing tally as reviewed but I'm now showing another confirmed item, without selecting anything :confused:


I sent in a review last week and it seemed to accept it and add the item to "My Samples". Just checked now and I have this above the "My Samples" bit

I've not requested anything else, and this was the last item I reviewed. So it's like it's reverted to a previous version of the page...
Because that is there, I cannot see anything that is able to be reviewed.

Bit weird, but I'm not really needing anything else just now!


Hmm, does seem a bit weird. Looks like I might have an LC40 on it's way then...


Not a bad little toy to have in the car at least! :smiley:


If one is sent it's likely to be gifted, not to mention have one of the shortest review times yet, as I've had one for several months :laughing:

They are nifty but do have my eye on upgrading to an LC90 at some stage...


Mine has done something similar. It says submitted too and the products that were available have disappeared.

Maybe it just does this if there is nothing new to select.


You guys are lucky, I wish I was part if that. Having been a beta and product tester for so long wish it could carry on to Anker. But they turned me down :cry:


Or the upgraded LC40!


Sounds like that may be the case. :slight_smile:


Nope, the link points to the first gen on Amazon. Still puzzled at how it’s been assigned, not there one minute, there and confirmed an hour later...


Do you make videos of your reviews, or just written ones?


Just written reviews from me. Scottish accent doesn't tend to sound good on review videos I've found!


I've noticed on my PU page that one product for which the test was cancelled is now appearing as "confirmed" right above my current test.

I hope this won't block future tests from being selected?


I wish Anker would approve me for the Power User program I have applied twice :expressionless:third time's a charm tho right​:sunglasses:


Don't feel discouraged, I have been a product/ beta tester for a very long time and even I was turned down. Keep working on your reviews and build your audience base and then surely you will get in


Interesting, the product I have on my page mentioned above was one I selected via the power users page but I requested a cancellation as I won the same product in a giveaway...seemed unfair taking two.

Possibly a bug in the re-vamped page @AnkerOfficial ?


Nothing wrong with gifting your old one and spreading the good word about Anker. I wish that I had found Anker sooner they have quickly become one of my top two favorite electronics companies I wish they made cell phones tablets and TVs hopefully they do in the next few years.


It's great that their standards are so high for product testers but it would be nice they would open it up two testers that are just starting out like myself as well.