Cable for charging only (no data)?

I travel all the time, rely heavily on my Anker cables for both charging and data (typically for usb hot spot). However, I’m hearing more and more that we should be careful not to use public (e.g. airport or hotel) usb ports b/c they can be physically hacked to suck up phone contacts and data via data-capable usb cables. Maybe paranoia? I dunno. But it seems as plausible as wifi hacking or gas station credit card reader physical hacking, both of which I’ve experienced, and I’m learning to be suspicious of all of our digital connection conveniences.

Net net: I’m looking for a “charging only, no data capability” cable for when I’m in public places. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Why are you charging on “public places”?

What source for charging do you use there? (desktop?)

Buy a small ANKER charger so you are not urged to plug in a “public device”.
This will take all your fears to catch a virus, malware or whatever.

It is really possible to catch malware when charging via USB form a desktop etc.?

I’m plugging directly into a usb port, e.g. at the gate or waiting area or restaurant at airports. Or in a charging station that hotels are now more routinely putting in rooms. Not via my laptop, I’m not worried about that. It’s when I plug usb cabel directly into a provided usb port that I don’t control. Been doing it for several years, haven’t had a problem (to my knowledge), but have been advised it’s not smart b/c you don’t know who has installed what behind that usb port. Is that clearer?

Yes, I can avoid by always using my own charging brick into a wall outlet; that’s often less convenient, which is why I use provided usb ports in the first place. It seems that using a “power only / no data” cable would address this.

Thanks for any further thoughts / suggestions.

I don’t think a cable like this exists… I would just recommend picking up a good Powerbank from anker…

Always carry your own charger, cable and a personal powerbank, these free charging spots / cables available at airports or cafes are not trustworthy, may utilize existing vulnerabilities to install malware, get your data (unless of course, these are installed by Anker :slight_smile: )

Get yourself an Anker Charger, PowerLine Cable / USB-C and PowerBank, and stay worry-free.

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Sounds like the advice is consistent. I do already have charger brick (Apple original, and Anker backup), Anker cable, and Anker backup battery. So, I think I’m good to go on the equipment, thanks for your advice in terms of the cable.

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Ok now I understand more about your issues.

I know those kind of cables exist.
I don’t think that ANKER is offering such one.

That’s what I needed to know, thank you again.

You could get a small power back like a Anker Powercore Mini+ 3350 mAh or go midsized with a Anker Powercore 15000 or go big with a Anker Powercore 26800 and of course use a Anker cable and you won’t have to worry about data being stolen


You can buy a USB data blocker for this purpose. I have never used one but there seems to be a selection on Amazon.

Tbh it’s not really a big deal you should be worried about having your bluetooth off and connecting to public WiFi

Yes, I own all of the above, thanks.

That’s interesting, I’ll explore. Thanks.

Not sure I follow the logic fully, let me check what you mean:

  1. I shouldn’t connect to public wifi. I usually don’t, I hotspot my iphone using usb connection (w/ Anker cable, of course).
  2. Do you mean I should keep bluetooth off? I need it for my headset for calls. I generally don’t use bluetooth for iphone/hotspot connection.
    “Bluetooth off” takes away the point of having it. Avoiding public wifi is easier – that’s why the big guy (gal?) made iphone/hotspot – connecting via cell network, that works well enough most of the time.
    Am I following you? Thanks.

Yes only use Bluetooth when u need to also turning it off Saves power

Bluetooth is such a lower power standard that it’s hardly worth worrying about - active Bluetooth use (audio speakers / headsets in particular) do use some amount of power, just leaving it on, power usage is negligible.

Apple iPhones starting from 4S have Bluetooth LE (BT 4.0) so consumption is fairly negligible…


I think we’re morphing from a cable question (about security of public usb ports) to a bluetooth power discussion. Fwiw, I usually leave BT on for phone calls. I turn off when really trying to maximize power savings, but I don’t see it making too much difference.

Thanks to all, I think I have the answer to my original “data-only cable” question, which is essentially “that cable doesn’t exist, but there are workarounds, mostly involving using other Anker products, which I already do own.” Much obliged.

We were only mentioning on Bluetooth power usage being negligible in keeping it enabled,

Glad your question has been answered,

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