C200 focusing issues

Hi there i bought the C200 webcam and after plugging it and installing its application from my computer it asked me to update the firmware.
I updated it and my camera WON’T AUTOFOCUS NOR MANUAL FOCUS AT ALL.
Can you fix this problem please… Thanks


I have the same problem! Firmware version 7.5 and autofocus do not working also not working manual focus!
Please fix this!

same. can’t use this webcam for the last few months. terrible.

same problem here, autofocus and manual focus doesn’t work, new camera updated to 7.5. possibly the focus is broken on the hardware side?

All you have to do is wipe down the lens itll work

I have also been having this issue still for some months after getting my camera, and then updating to the 7.5. I returned the first one but the second one had the issue too. I think they know it’s an issue with the software and are just having trouble finding someone to fix it or they just are not fixing it because they comp the price of my webcam. I just want a working web cam :frowning: I can’t really afford anything better and not much else at the price point. Hopefully they actually fix the software issue soon but I can confirm you can’t simply wipe this off… the text is blurry no matter the distance. I know this is not normal as i have compared footage from my camera on text with footage from before the update and it does not have the issue in the footage from before all text is very clear in the cameras.

I am also having focus issues. It didn’t work when I first bought the camera it wouldn’t focus. It worked for while and now its having issues again. According to: https://support.ankerwork.com/s/article/Image-is-Blurred-on-my-PowerConf-Webcam

You need to:

  • Update the firmware to the latest version (steps: Device Switch on the left top corner > Select Device > Device > Check for Updates).
    - Its on 7.5 and there are no updates available
    -Unplug and then plug the webcam back in.
    - I have done this several times
  • Move close to and then away from the webcam to see whether the auto-focus function of the webcam works properly.
    - I have done this
  • Double check whether there is water or dust in the lens and try to clean the lens with a piece of cloth.
    - It is clean

There is clearly an issue with this camera that needs addressing, most likely with a firmware update. I am going to return this as it needs to be consistent.

I also have the same issue after updating firmware. does anyone know how to downgrade the firmware?

This camera should be recalled at this point. I stupidly decided to keep it even after noticing the focus issues because I thought they would fit it and it “wasn’t that bad” at the start. It’s awful and makes the camera unusable but I don’t want to pay for another one so I just keep pissing off my coworkers by going in and out of focus constantly. Great job Anker. Way to support your products. Never buying another Anker product again.

I’m having the same problem here, is there any way to downgrade the firmware?

Same here. When is this going to be fixed, or do I just need to return this camera?

So annoying. It’s focus hunting all the time. Completely unusable.

Guys, I contacted support. I showed them the issue, made a video as they requested, mentioned that many people in the forum are experiencing the same problem. They didn’t analyze the problem, they just refused to honor the warranty because I didn’t provide the correct invoice. In other words, they’re not interested in solving the problem.