Bluetooth Remote Controller for Nebula Capsule Max?

Is it possible to bind a Bluetooth remote controller with the Capsule Max?
If yes, which type of remotes are supported?

We would use the capsule in the bed or in an RV with projecting on the ceiling. Therefore the capsule lays in a holding frame (3D printed from Thingiverse). In this position the IR sensor is looking to the bed side and do not react on the remote controllers signals.



Bluetooth remote is a tough ask since the Capsule has the Nebula Application built to pair only via iOS / Android App. This may be your best chance to get the BT remote for it.

Possibly if the Capsule Max has access to Google Play store and if there is an BT App for remote which works with any Android device and a supported remote. ( I am not aware of any such thing, but new things keep popping, so keep looking :+1: )

Other options may be Anymote IR Control and Remote… though I have only read about and not used, but might not work for you since you already mentioned about the IR limitations while using the Capsule.

I did some tests with the Fire TV Bluetooth remotes.
I have an older one without power on and loudspeaker buttons and a new one from an actual Fire TV 4K Stick.

Both can be bind via Bluetooth. To bind it open the Bluetooth Icon on Capsule and start scan. Press and hold on the Fire TV remot for 10 sek the Home button (Button with House on it). Now you see the remote in the list of founded devices. Select it and the remote is bind to the Capsula.
Maybe you need to do it twice (remove it and bind again).

With the new one you can control loudness, power on/off device (standby mode), start the autofocus, go back, go home, moving into all four directions and select an item. Also I can use das forward, rewind, Play/Pause buttons. All is working expecting to control the virtual keyboard in the Google Play Store to search for an app. You can move on the keyboard but not select a key.

With the old remote, I can move in all four directions, select an item, go back, go home, fast forward, rewind and Play/Pause.
Autofocus is not possible and due to the remote has not the buttons for it, you can’t power on/off and control loudness. This remote works so in the Google Play Store App.
But with this remote I have the issue that sometimes after the Capsule hang and neither is controllable by the remote nor the touch buttons on top of the capsule. You need to hard reboot the device (press power button as long until it reboots).

Maybe someone could do also tests with other versions of the Fire TV remotes or there any other Bluetooth TV box remotes. Maybe from Apple TV? But here I think it would not be possible to bring the remote into the binding mode…


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That’s a great thought, and a new angle to use a Bluetooth remote.

It is more like a Creative research :+1::ok_hand:

I have a Fire TV and Roku.BT remotes, will give it a try, though I have the Nebula Capsule ( original First Gen)

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It would be nice if you could share your findings… :+1::grinning:

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Will definitely do it. :+1:

Tried today with Roku Bluetooth remote. Nebula Capsule recognizes the remote and pairs but the Roku keys don’t work on the Nebula Capsule. Just pairs and sits… no action.

Will try out the Fire TV remote and update.

I have found the best solution for me! It is not a Bluetooth remote control but a 2,4Ghz remote control with USB dongle.
This remote control has besides the standard buttons for On/Off, Volume up down, OK, Back, Home also other functions like an Air mouse and a full keyboard and touchpad!

Everything works great with the Nebula Capsule Max. The Air mouse can be used like a pointer. Where the remote control points, there the mouse moves. With the OK button you can select.

Text input on Netflix and Amazon Prime works great with the integrated keyboard. The mouse touchpad works just as well if you don’t want to use the Air mouse. It even supports two fingers to scroll (multitouch).
When the browser key on the keyboard is pressed, the Chrome Browser opens immediately (Android Beta firmware on the Capsule required).

For small money a super expansion for the Capsule!

I already have this USB Mini Keyboard and use it with my Asus Chromebit (ChromeOS - on a stick) connected to my TV :smiley:

Though I will need to connect the OTG to capsule

But this is a great idea :+1:

Great thought :+1:
Do you have an app that can be used to control Nebula and use it for easy typing … such as the Fire TV app ?

Anker has already an app. It’s called Nebula Connect. But the integrated keyboard function will not work with all apps.
I have installed some additional apps, like a VPN app to connect to my home router if I’m on the road with my Camper. This app will not accept the control via the standard remote and also not with the Nebula Connect for setting up a new configuration.

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May be there is something different on the Capsule Vs Capsule Max,

I am able to use the Nebula Connect app for almost everything on the Capsule, and prefer the Mouse Controller option, works flawlessly!

The problems with the keyboard or mouse control in apps is only in special apps from the Google play store. There exist ‚apps‘ as like a shortcut to system settings. For example to open the default Android settings for battery or network or localization settings. And here you have the problem that neither the standard remote controller nor the Nebula Connect app work fully.

Any specific apps on Google playstore, l will check it here on capsule