Blinking Blue LED While Charging PowerCore

Hey everyone, first time posting in this forum. I just got my first powerbank PowerCore 10000 today. I thought I’d ask here since some of you might have had an experience with the PowerCore 10000. Is it normal for the PowerCore 10000 to blink while its charging? I’ve tried 4 different adapters; 1 from samsung, 1 from LG, and 2 from htc and it still blinks. I even tried charging it in my computer, and it still blinks. I hope this is normal.

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It’s normal for the LEDs to blink while charging. Each LED represents 25%. They will blink in succession from one to four LEDs. When the battery pack is fully charged, all four LEDs will be solid for a short time, then will turn off (at least this is what I remember).


SZak2015 nailed it. It’s 100% normal. I also believe that the description of the blinking lights while charging is in the manual.

I have the same issue, I just bought mine a week ago. And now it keeps blinking the same bottom light. Have no idea if it’s charging or not.

As stated above it is normal for the light to blink while its charging. Once that portion is fully charged it will become solid

I mean, only one of the 4 lights blink. I just let it charge, for and hour and its hasn’t charged at all. Just one light

What size batterypack and what is the rated output of the charger you are using?

Keeps blinking blue light does not charge…model A1215. Poor.