Big Announcement: A New Era of Cooling Begins!

Get ready for your first summer adventure outdoor adventure in 2023 with Anker! :sunny:

Our brand new product, Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler, delivers a fantastic food and beverage cooling experience for camping, weekend trips, long-haul driving, and more.

With Anker EverFrost, you can enjoy::point_down:

  • Long-lasting cooling that lasts until the end of your adventure

  • An large practical usage space

  • Precise cooling in a very short time

  • Using it like a table for a quick meal on the go

  • Easy portability to bring it anywhere

  • Charging your mobile devices

  • Temperature control, no matter how far away you are

Experience the future of cooling when you sign up now for release updates.

Learn More Here!!! :point_down::point_down:

US short:







I’ve got to be honest…. I didn’t see this on the horizon, but I am so incredibly excited about this!!! Can’t wait to learn more about it and hopefully be one of the first ones to own it!

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Are there testers needed from here? :grin:


This is a game changer. Wish I could have helped test this one out. Camping season and picnics are going to be awesome with this.

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I like the creativity of a standalone cooling box.

But I’d also ask if Anker is so sure of it’s design why it needs upfront investment via Kickstarter and not wait for owners honest reviews then ramp up production. Good products sell themselves bad products pay marketing salaries.

I did investigate similar solutions for my needs, I decided against it on cost and reliability reasons. Simply owning ice you make in a traditional freezer stores a lot of energy and once power is out has zero technology risk. So I keep freezer full and when I travel I buy ice on route and drain the meltwater and have spent 2 months living like that perfectly fine. Cost of ice was a few tens of $ over months.


We do not have any plans for testers for this product at this moment

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Too bad, may be I can swap my powerpoints for one of these! :laughing:


How do you know it’s any good?

What haven’t you realised what’s wrong with it?

Testers save you money as they find earlier what you hadn’t noticed yourself.


Customers will be “the testers”.
Releasing untested products is normal for manufactures in our days

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So sell the product, make money, and if product bad, apologise and offer some money back?

Not very social…

I can see it could be no alternative for a start-up without cash to develop and test but Anker isn’t one of those now.

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Seems the company has lost a lot of its reputation meanwhile.
But we are not the support (anymore),
So it doesn’t matter much, I don’t care about.
But its sad, you are right, to see how a company can going bad.

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Let us know, I’d love to share my input I watched the reveal on TikTok and noticed a few potential issues immediately. I’d love to get my hands on the 55qt freezer cooler.

I was considering purchasing this; I’ve already got a battery backup that would work for this along with solar. But my track record with Anker products recently, especially in this vertical has been very frustrating.

I’m not saying that I need to test this unit; but Anker, please, allow others to test this. There are significantly more variables to consider with these types of devices.

I may still buy the unit, but please, allow everyday users to test this. I hope Anker can appreciate the need for this.

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My brother in law received one similar to this (LiONCooler) last year through his work and I have used it a couple of times. I can appreciate the abilities and everything, but automatically naming something that hasn’t even started its Kickstarter campaign as being “The Longest-Lasting Battery-Powered Cooler” is a little bit of a stretch. I really do hope that they either went through a round of testing with people or are planning to as well as I really want to know the final weight of this. I would imagine somewhere in the 40+lb based on just look alone.

Apart from social media influencers…I would guess.

Nice to see some activity again from the Official account :wink:

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Oh ja, from time to time the “Boss” shows up,
showing us some devices we should acquire.
And we don’t! :laughing:

We appreciate your support to Anker. However, we have beta tests earlier on!

Seems the beta testers have never been selected from this forum here.

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I do like the concept of the item.

Not sure how beta are found but have seen potential beta surveys on their Eufy Security app and probably other means.

I think the testing club here is more for the PR. They release the product and the testing club reviews will give information to folks to review when they are researching information about the product other than professional reviews. (just my guess)

Did you buy or still waiting for more information?