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Introducing the #eufyMoments Campaign!

:camera_flash: Share Your eufyMoments and Win Big! :tada:

Show off your eufy Clean Moments and get a chance to win exciting prizes!

:star2: How to Participate:


1️⃣ Post your best personal image using eufy Clean products along with the
downloaded eufy Clean Moments image and caption to Facebook or Instagram.

It can be your eufy robotic vacuum in action, the spotless countertops left behind by the H30, or any other moments captured with your eufy Clean products.

2️⃣ Download the eufy clean Moments image, and don’t forget to copy and use the caption

:gift: Amazing Prizes Await:

:sparkles: 5 Grand Prizes: 5 winners will receive the latest eufy Clean X9 Pro, the ultimate MopMaster™ Multi-Surface Cleaner worth $899!
:star2:50 Runner-Up Prizes: Personalized eufy Clean Picture Frame.
:star: All Participants: As a thank you for sharing your eufy Clean Moments, all participants will receive an exclusive extended warranty for the X9 Pro worth $89.

:spiral_calendar: Campaign Dates: The eufy Moments Campaign starts on June 1st and ends June 13th!

:globe_with_meridians: For more details and to submit your entry, visit our website
Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your eufy Clean Moments and win fantastic prizes!

Let’s celebrate your eufy moments together. Share your eufy Moments today! :sparkles::camera_flash: #eufyMoments


Please do not make competitions reliant on social media. Plenty of people don’t like either of those services you mention.

You need to offer a straight simple competition such as here, not related to anything else.

If I wanted to enter I’d use some fake account I purely use just for competitions. So you’ve gained nil doing it this way.

You’ll never learn if you never listen.

Please, come to Community with only Community-only competitions. It’s the only way to build Community.


No social media.
So I will not take part.
We were talking about this alot.


Hey Anker Community.
We’ve already seen some of the feedback regarding social media competitions. We agree here at the eufy Clean team that this doesn’t fit with the spirit of the Anker Community.

While we will leave this up for the meantime, as we may have some old users of eufy products that might want to participate. We want to let you know that for our next product release, we’ll put together something specifically for the Anker Community.

If you have any other comments or suggestions please feel free to reach out to us here.


I just went through all the steps, but I can’t put any personal pictures up because I don’t own any Eufy cleaning products. That might disqualify me, but hopefully not because I would like to get their Cleanerbot. Oh well… guess we’ll find out!


OK if this is the last of a prior construction then fine. Let it complete.

Going forward, you can’t build a Community off Social Media. What happens when you try is a whole bunch of disinterested bots and fake accounts and no residual stickiness to Anker. Looks good on CV but it’s all fake.


Yeah social media turns off a lot of people including me. I don’t have any and have no interest in creating one just to compete. I will not participate and probably carry the sourness when I buy my next cleaner robot :face_with_monocle:


Wish I could participate but I do not have a Eufy Clean product. Maybe will figure something out using my Security products lol

Will the x9 pro be released in Canada the same day? How much will cost in Canada? I’ve held off on buying a robot vacuum for months now. I have been waiting for the x9 pro to be released. A little bummed that I can’t win one because I’m Canadian. It’s okay, I’m still a huge fan of anker and eufy products.