Battery voltage Chart

I have an Astro E1 power bank that I use to power small embedded systems, mostly RasperyPI and Jetson nano. I am searching for the battery voltage chart for the power bank (to convert voltage to battery levels) for research purposes. Also, if this is not available, do you provide power banks with such drivers? Or recommend a certain 3rd party tool.

As you know, the voltage varies for the cells, usually 18650 3350mAh cells.

Inside the Powercore case with the cells is a boost converter.

During discharge as the voltage drops from around 4.2V to around 3.7V, the boost converter steps up the voltage to aim for around 5V, usually aiming for a minimum 4.4V to meet USB standard.

I think what you’re seeking is a lithium ion cell paper, such as made by Panasonic, LG, etc.

There are benchmarks of the cells themselves z and benchmarks measuring different Anker Powercore if you search.

The underlying cells haven’t particularly improved, they’ve used 21700 but the newer ones tend to be Lithium Poly. They’ve made more gains in more efficient boost converters so they run a higher Wattage, but none that impacts that you really should be looking at the manufacturer of the cells where the voltage begins.