Anybody based in the EU got life A2NC they don't use anymore or knows where to get them cheaply?

Hey there:slightly_smiling_face:, So my Life A2NC have been pretty reliable since I bought them 1 1/2 years ago. Unfortunately the right earbud has an issue now which can’t be resolved and the gurantee isn’t valid anymore.

So my first question would be if somebody owns a set of the regular A2NC (not sure if it would work with the A2NC+) which they don’t use anymore or have the opposite issue where the left earbud has a problem but the right works fine? I already looked online but the cheapest refurbished pairs are like 30€ or more. I’d definitely pay something for the buds and would take the pair of course but I don’t want to purchase any new true wireless. Mostly because I haven’t come across any TW which have a similar design and fit. Or maybe somebody knows where I could get a pair of A2NC cheaply. I’d appreciate any input :slight_smile:

I am not sure you can connect different earbuds even from the same model.
You should try your luck at ebay.