Any watch enthusiast here?

Don’t want to be obvious while I’m texting so sort of lol.

I’m torn between whether or not to get something that looks impressive or something that has functionality besides just telling time. Usually when this happens I wont get anything. I just reminded myself, I need to pay bills.

You have an apple watch right?

Yes. Just recently got one.

Thanks to those who responded. Yes, I would consider myself as an enthusiast with a few watches in my collection. Mechanical only watches.

This one I got today at the flea market.
I would call it a “classical dressing watch”.
Junghans is one of the well known watch manufactures in Germany.
This one is about 1960.


Built to last :muscle:t2:

I’ve got a new watch! Apple Watch Series 4!


I like the high-tech watch old-school band combo :ok_hand:


It that the 40 or 44mm model?

I like how in the advert he is swimming in the sea, then underneath it says… Only suitable for shallow water.

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Thanks for sharing. More pictures would be great. Is this the first iwatch you owned?

I owned the 1st generation one and the green light for calculating the pulse and hear rate was causing needle like pain.

Let’s do something on “Lazy Sunday afternoon”. :grin:
I was taking a look at my watch box.
So I decided this may be the right watch for today:

ARCTOS, Lemania 5100,
Meanwhile a really rare one.
May be you like this too. :slight_smile:


Cute cat! Lucky!


Yup, love cats!

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Watch got potential! I absolutely love the yellow analog hands on the dial. I would replace the strap to something classier or even NATO for that matter and it will shine really well. Again, Good stuff

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1 more question what language is the displayed on the date window?

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No, I will not replace the strap. :grin:

This is the genuine original strap ( official number)

6645-12-145-64 BUND

There is another of my favourites:

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German. This ARCTOS was delivered to the Bundesluftwaffe in ca 1980.
The Heuer I made photos from today is about 1960/65

Sweet watch… If you ever get bored owning it, I’ll send you my address‽ Hehehe :crazy_face:

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