Anker's site reorganized?

As I scroll through Anker’s website and its pages like the wall chargers, cables, and etc., I’ve noticed that their products are categorized in a very crude way. For example, the wall chargers aren’t categorized by how many ports they have, by feature, or by naming scheme, but by mostly release date. In the car chargers sections, the car chargers with different wattages are scattered throughout, and some of them seem to have the same features (like 1 usb-c port and 1 usb-a port, but just different total wattage). Therefore, I think Anker should sort each product section by increasing clarity of each product’s feature(s) and what subsection they belong in (e.g. power delivery or USB-C). Other websites, like RAVPower, sort their wall chargers by ports, then by what features they have, for example.

^For the wall charger, what I propose is to first organize by what port the charger has (indicated by the section heading on the left), then how many ports (greatest to least, left to right)), then wattage (greatest to least), then what features it has (PD > QC > PowerIQ) (Didn’t list all the chargers 'cause I got lazy)

^For the cables, I organized by type of cable, then by material

Now, some people may find this organization adequate enough for them (good for them), or that this is not an important issue and I wasted my time with this post. However, I think most people will be confused and buy the wrong product or dislike the cluttered-ness of the section (more exmaples below)

tl;dr: categorization needs to be implemented, some products should renamed or removed to avoid confusion


We are talking about this kind of confusions since a long time. :wink:


The picture second to last, those 3 may look similar but the one with a cable attached is Micro Us so nothing like the other two because those are Usb-C with extra USB port and or PD standard at different watts… But yes we have mentioned many time how unorganized the website is. It has improved over time, but it’s nowhere near as refined as it could be

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Really? New here so didn’t know about this.

Yikes, they should change the name of that charger. Also, didn’t know this was an ongoing topic because I’m new here sorry.

Yes really.
But may be one day in the future we all, who are criticizing, will be successful.

“Hope is the last to die” :wink:

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I think what they could use more is a customization search. Manufacturing sites like digikey and mouser let you search for an item, lets say a wall charger. Then through customization options you can select number of ports, type of ports, power options, QC or IQ. It lets the buyer put in what they need and narrow down the options. Would help less experienced buyers better select on need.


I fully agree with you, @TAcct2557, a good structure is the basics for success of anything, whether it is a presentation, product introduction, or - a website !

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Gotta leave a good first impression @furkist

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I agree with how to reorganize the cables and things to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for

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I think Ankers general strategy is to produce several iterations of a product in fairly small production runs, then do longer term runs with the best sellers. That explains the sometimes bewildering product offerings…

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What about drop boxes…

Go to .com page
Click type (powerbanks, leads etc)
Click drop box…

SIZE- 3200, 5000, 13000 etx

FEATURES- iq, pd etc on each type, have a floating I ((click the I to get info.on type) this.could be done on all sub categories).

No PORTS 1,2,3 etc
(Sub choice)… Type of port - USBC fixed, micro, A

I think this could work as a way to get a clearer selection

I’ve seen similar on other sites. Could have it titled … Find my ideal Anker/soundcore/eufy etc, and be part of drop down menu?


Give this man a job. Finally someone that said it!

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I’m definitely not the first person to mention about the organization of the site as @elmo41683 stated, but thanks for the complement!

The picture second to last, those 3 may look similar but the one with a cable attached is Micro Us so nothing like the other two because those are Usb-C with extra USB port and or PD standard at different watts.

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:open_mouth: Anker should probably cut down on some products that can be combined together into one.