#AnkerForever: In Search of the Longest-Lasting Anker Customer

Hey Anker Community!

Here to announce an exciting new challenge, especially made for our most loyal customers; those who have been with us in the past and want to stay with us for years to come :tada:

It’s called the #AnkerForever Challenge - here’s the gist of it:

We’re looking to crown winners as our "Longest-Lasting Anker Customers."

Let’s break down the specifics of that.

We’re on the hunt for Anker customers who purchased products from us years ago and still own and use them today. Could be an old power bank, maybe some old charging cables or charging blocks, or even one of the very first PowerHouses! Anything Anker is fair game, and the only criteria you must meet is that you’re a fan of us (:

So, if you’ve owned an Anker product for a while and want to help us show the world how long-lasting Anker products can be, we invite you to participate in the #AnkerForever Challenge by showing us which product(s) you own and telling us about how you’ve used it in your life :blush:

Wondering what’s in it for you? How does 3 PowerHouses, $$$ in store credit, and the potential to work more closely with the Anker team sound? Read on for more details :eyes:


  • Entries are open from now until August 31st @ 11:59pm PST

  • Valid entries must align with the ‘entry details’ highlighted below

  • Submissions must follow the ‘submission details’ highlighted below

  • Prizes will correspond with the ‘prize details’ highlighted below


Since we want to see which product(s) you own and how you’ve used them, let’s get some content submissions going!

Both photo and video submissions are accepted, but when reviewing submissions, our team will prioritize video submissions as they offer higher-quality content and give us a closer look at your story :raised_hands:

Please see below for what to include based on how you enter:

If entering via video submission (recommended), please create a 1-2 minute video including the following criteria:

  • Introduce yourself and where you’re based out of

  • Share the name of the product(s)

  • Tell us when you purchased the product(s) / how long you’ve had it

  • Hold the product / show it being used during the video

  • Include some or all of the following information:

    • What you’ve used the product(s) for

    • Any memories you have with the product(s)

    • What your experience using the product(s) has been like

    • Other Anker products you’ve gotten along the way

  • Anything else you’d like to include!

If entering via photo submission, please include the following criteria:

  • 3-5 photos of the product(s) being used

  • A caption that includes the following information:

    • Your name and where you’re based out of

    • The name of the product(s)

    • When you purchased the product(s) / how long you’ve had it

    • What you’ve used the product(s) for

    • Any memories with the product(s) / what your experience using it has been like

  • Anything else you’d like to include (:

Example Video Submission

This example does a great job including some of the key asks for content inclusions, such as showing yourself and the product on camera, highlighting how you use the product in your daily life, and letting us learn a bit more about you :raised_hands:


Here’s how to officially submit to the #AnkerForever challenge:

  1. Review the ‘entry details’ criteria based on video vs. photo entry above

  2. Create the content you’re using to submit

  3. Prepare your content for submission in 1 of 2 ways:

    a. Upload your video or photos to social media

    b. Have the video or photos on file

  4. Visit this page to submit your final content


P.S. - if you share your content submission to social media, be sure to tag Anker’s account in the post and use the hashtag ‘AnkerForever’ for a chance to catch the team’s eyes right away, be re-posted and be featured on our channels!


Since #AnkerForever requires content submission and extra effort on your end, our typical reward process has been adjusted for this challenge to reflect that.

To review all of the entries, we’ve assembled a team of Anker employees - including some who’ve been with the company for more than 10 years - to comb through the content submissions and help determine winners.

The primary points factored into judging will be how old the product(s) is and the quality of your content. As mentioned previously, video submissions will be prioritized due to their desirability, but photo submissions are also welcome and will still be considered!

There will be 10 winners in total, with prizes being separated as follows:

1st Place: 757 Anker PowerHouse ($1,400 value)

2nd Place: 521 PowerHouse ($250 value)

3rd Place: 521 PowerHouse ($250 value)

4th - 10th Places: $100 Anker Gift Card

Any and all submissions are also subject to be selected for the potential to work more closely with Anker, including but not limited to: content purposing and re-posting, future content creation collaboration, and even the opportunity to meet members of the Anker team!

Please note: This challenge is open to participants from any and all countries. However, due to shipping limitations, the tangible prizes are only available to contestants from US, CA, UK, and DE.

And that’s a wrap!

Be sure to carefully review each of the ‘details’ sections above to ensure you submit to the challenge properly and give yourself the best chance to win. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help answer them in the comments of this post (:

This is our first time running this challenge, but we hope to continue running it annually from here on out as a way to celebrate our incredible community. So, let’s get year 1 kicked off with a bang!

Best of luck everyone - We CAN’T WAIT to see who our longest-lasting Anker fans are and which product(s) they’ve used along the way :star_struck:



Very nice…on a fishing trip. I got one or two but do know a couple that have been around longer with a few products…will try after my trip


Interesting new event! I have 5-6 Anker items i use on a daily basis, will try to work on it :blush:


This is cool and brilliant idea. Looking forward for this.


Implicit from your $ this is USA centric only?


I love this! Great idea!


Oof. Lotta work…I’ve got stuff as old as 2016 though that I still use all the time, and my list of Anker purchases from Amazon has 17 items on it, so we’ll see.


There is an error in the Submission form. When I try to add 5 photos, it will only accept 1 photo and I can’t add anymore. The details above say up to “5 files”.

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical


I have an Anker product from 2012, so we’ll see how it goes.


Check my Amazon purchases, they go back to 2014 but I’ve got my Astro E4 which I bought direct before that. Still going strong. :slight_smile:


I had given away a lot of my older anker products I have some that are a couple years old but not as old as some of the first products that I had bought


I think that the oldest products may get a heads up but I am assuming that it not all that may help in a potential win with a less old product.

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Same. I placed 60 orders (100+ Anker products) through Amazon since 2012, plus more through anker.com, anker via ebay, best buy, etc. I rarely keep things more than 3-4 years because I keep giving them away to family/friends. Of course, that’s my excuse to upgrade.

The oldest battery that I still have is the 2nd Gen Astro Mini 3200mAh (lipstick battery), purchased in 2014. I bought it as a backup to my backup. I’ve used it like twice maybe then I packed it away because we were moving. This has been sitting inside a storage box since 2015. I took it out today after seeing this thread. To my surprise (shock!), this still has a charge:

EDIT: It brought my iPhone 13 Pro Max battery from 46% to 67%. Not too shabby for being in storage for 7 years.


This is a great giveaway for those with older products. Love your story @onstar - amazing that it still had a charge - that would make a fab entry!

Look forward to seeing what Anker gems some of you find in the back of your cupboard!


What if anyone like me dont have ‘social media’ accounts? Is it a must?


I donated a lot of my elder ANKER/EUFY/soundcore items.
But the first I bought was the


I can ask my friend who is still using it
to take a photo.

But because I never will use any unsocial media those should “win” using those,
Hope you will not loose all your data there instead of winning! :rofl:


I have an Astro3 10,000 mAh powerbank from 2012. At the time anker used to sell under Fantasia Trading LLC on amazon.
Still my daily driver till date. It has 2 USB-A outputs (1.0A and 2.1A) and a 9V/12V barrel output. It has a nice fitting leather case too.
I think I paid $59.95 at the time for it :slight_smile:


cool idea need to see what’s the oldest thing I have now

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Awesome contest …I have an oldie that stopped working a while back and trying to find it and or old pictures of it.

It Is the Anker 2nd Gen Astro Pro 2 20,000mAh version see my snip of my order back from 2014 from Amazon

Hope this is sufficient if I cannot find it or picture of it.

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