Anker Work Can Overwrite System Path Environment Variable On Install

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I received my new C300 early last week and installed it and the Anker Work application on my personal PC without issues. I next installed Anker Work on my work computer in anticipation of using the webcam with RDP passthrough, but this time the installation overwrote my path system environment variable (such that the only remaining entries were those for Anker Work), breaking nearly every part of my workflow and requiring several hours of work to remedy. There are many hardware and software differences between these two machines, so I’m not sure what the difference is, but this is a serious issue that can hopefully be remedied in short order. Just hoping to bring it to your attention since I’ve only seen one other post referencing the same problem and it didn’t appear to receive any attention.

Advice to anyone else installing Anker Work: If you know what an environment variable is and why it would be a problem for your path variable to be overwritten, make sure to copy it before installing this application.


Good advice :+1:

Put it in email as they don’t appear to read here

This just adds to my impression either they don’t beta test enough or ignore beta testers feedback.

How this wasn’t spotted before implies a lot.


Is bad

%PATH%=$PATH; C:/Anker