Anker Wireless Keyboard A7721

3rd Anker wireless A7721 keyboard. They are lovely but why oh why does it keep disconnecting from my macbook!!!
Yes ive tried…

  1. Making sure its fully charged (and tried having the USB power cable in all the time)
  2. Made sure theres no obvious interference, and no USB Hub.
  3. unpaired it, deleted all bluetooth settings, reinstalled bluetooth.

I dont think its actually the bluetooth connection now. Im pretty sure the keyboard just turns itself off, RANDOMLY.
Because when it suddenly stops working, i check the CAPSLOCK light and it wont go on. About 20-30 seconds later the caps lock light will activate.

So I’m fairly sure its powering off, fo SOME reason.

Its now out of warranty, so Anker wouldn’t swap it. They just dont last. As lovely as they are, I’m never buying another Anker one.

Anyone else had the same experience or even a fix?

I am sure there were other users in the past using that keyboard with such a MacBook.
Try the search function (Magnifier in the right upper corner)

and which part of the question does that answer help with?

He’s saying you get out what you out in. Searching is the best start as you may find an answer quicker than waiting.

If it’s 3rd unit with same issue is not looking like a keyboard fault but Mac fault, reboot it etc.

If Bluetooth devices turn off it’s usually a version conflict which takes two things, so look Inside Mac forums also.

Ive already searched, hence my post. Ive tried the 'delete bluetooth drivers, install latest drivers, etc etc.
Bluetooth isnt turning off , bluetooth wont turn off a device. the actual keyboard is literally off. It can happen as im typing. My macbook is connected to wifi via 5Ghz so thats not interfering.

Bluetooth Ver 7.0.68f v156 c5918

Its the 3rd unit, but its fine for months and months, they it happens.

Anker say they have now discontinued this keyboard, i wonder why!!!

So you can’t buy one anyway!

My Anker keyboard begun to have bad keys (C and L), and so forced to different brand, bought Arteck backlit so far so good.

I am on an very old logitech keyboard for many years now.
So great, a fantastic hub.
Its not available any more.
I tried others.
So I am meanwhile a specialist for repairing keyboards
Swapping the little worn out rubber “things” to keys I dont need.
(Number board)

i wouldnt ever be getting another (Anker) one, just would rather get this one working than add to yet more land fill

Just based on what you wrote, did you get the same problem with 3 keyboards, so is it just your 3rd keyboard?

If same problem across multiple, it’s some kind of issue between the keyboard and the Mac.

So the issue is a Mac owner would never open the thread as you mention just the keyboard… the issue is finding someone with Mac and this keyboard combination. That will involve luck, you’d probably not get.

Assuming the issue is the combination but not the keyboard fault, then what turns things off is flat out confusion. So nose around in Mac forums for bluetooth issues, not specific to Anker.

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Well ive found an older bluetooth (caseflex) keyboard in the cupboard. and its not disconnected once now in 4 days. Where the Anker keyboard would disconnect multiple times a day.
I cant be bothered with sorting out what is going to be a waste of time now. I will just avoid Anker stuff, as clearly there was a general issue (people have reported it, search google, im sure thats why it was ‘discontinued’
You live and learn.

Yes we all do

Well not everyone does. Sorry you had a bad experience in the combination of one Anker product with the many laptops which exist, may be hardware issue on the Mac the keyboard doesn’t like.

It would be shame to take one issue in a rare combination and extrapolate to all things sharing the same brand.

I’ve bought for myself and others dozens of Anker products, I’ve had a couple of issues and support always responded favourably, give goodwill, get goodwill. It would be pity to have denied the advantages of Anker if my first purchase happened to be a fail. Extrapolation only goes so far, I’d say in this case that keyboard and that Mac didn’t get along and I’d not go any further.


Indeed! :slightly_smiling_face:

I ended up going through route. I had an old (8+ year) bluetooth logitech that finally died on me late last year. I tried a few $20-$40 options. I ended up sucking it up last month and buying a logitech mx and have experienced 0 problems since. I’m not saying the answer is to always drop $100 on peripherals, but sometimes it’s the correct option to not worry about it for 8 years. Logitech knows what they are doing, and I’m not ashamed to say I also forked over the cash for a logitech mx mouse too.

I have a logitech M220 mouse, been faultless, but its not bluetooth. Maybe i’ll try a wired mouse and see if there is some interference. Dont like the caseflex keyboard, was just a test.

Oldies but goodies!

Usually you go to a computer shop and try some different keyboards.
But not possible at the moment.
Shipping vice and versa?
Doesn’t make sense.
I contacted an old comrade from the university who works in the acquisition department of the institute and he gave me a perfect hint.
I ordered such a cherry model and its perfect.
So I have now another one.

I was fortunate that we have MicroCenter here in New Jersey. I was able to feel it.

And you said cherry, do you use cherry switches for work? My husband or coworkers would bludgeon me with it.

Some things just work, others don’t, but to draw a conclusion from a single anecdote is the issue.

My Anker keyboard is barely used and two keys stopped working, utter crap, I’m never buying Anker again! :lying_face:

I am retired. (
I was working as a computer engineer for ca 45 years.
More in programming and software and supervision of students.

I use my old stuff as long I its possible.
This is the reason I am a “confirmed” LINUXER. :smile:

This Cherry keyboard has a similar hub to the Logitech I use.

I dont know what type of keys this Anker keyboard has.
The old keyboard keys I know are some kind of mechanical and can be repaired.
eg. By swapping keys.

The little “rubber things” under the key gets bad after a few years at the often used keys.
These can be taken from others.