Anker Wireless Charging Bundle

PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad and Stand

Recently I’ve received my Anker charging bundle from Anker and I gotta say I’m an advocate for wireless charging!

I’ll explain my thoughts on wirelsess charging later in this post, but let me talk about these wireless chargers first! These two chargers are a great alternative to charging your phone! You just set your phone on the platform and as simple as that your charging your phone! This is the third wireless charger I’ve owned, I owned two of Anker’s Powerport 5 wireless charging stands and I gave one to my sister and she loves just setting her Iphone 8 on the stand to charge her phone while at her desk. The simple blue light will indicate if your device is charging which is convenient. I’ve always been skeptical with wireless chargers, but Anker offers features like overvoltage protection, temperature control, foreign object detection, and more. So you can set your phone in a vertical position with the stand of just place it on the horizontal platform with the pad. I’ve actually been using it with my Nexus 7 tablet (good old fashion 7" tablet!) since the port has finally given out on it. I love it, I can just easily take it on and off my night stand at night! For 40 bucks this is a great deal for two chargers! The only drawback is that you have to use your own AC adapter plug-in. You’ll still get the micro-USB cords with it though! Overall great deal and great alternative to charge your phone if your phone supports it! Now let me talk about the pros and cons of wireless chargers.

The first time I had a phone that had the Qi technology was on my Motorola Droid Turbo. Great phone for the time, but I often wondered why I should charge my with a wireless charger when I had the Turbo rapid charging wall charger! This phone had a huge battery for its time, but as it came to the end the battery was at about half of its full usage. I believe that batteries are starting to die early due to the rapid charging and harsh wear on the chemicals in these lithium Ion batteries. That’s where I’m starting to like wireless charging since a lot of them don’t support rapid charging. The only drawback is you gotta make a material that can make good contact so that it can charge which unfortunately is most of the time glass. Glass has gotten a lot stronger, but it still scares me (Iphone X owners). This is my mixed perspective on wireless charging and charging in general, so let me know what your view is in the comments!


How did you get the nexus 7 to charge on this stand, my vertical Anker Qi charger keeps blinking a blue light in every orientation?

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Yeah I was really confused with how it worked also because I couldn’t get it, so I created a form and Anker told me that it has to be lifted from the bottom a little. So I used an eraser as shown in my picture. You can see the form here: Review: PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand.

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Thanks for sharing the positive review and nice photos! :relaxed:

Nice positive review and photos :ok_hand:

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Nice review