Review: PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand

I’ve had a wireless charger in the past with my old Droid Turbo, but it overheated and was slow at charging. Now it looks like Anker has solved that problem with overheating protection while maintaining a faster charging rate. I had to test it with my friends iPhone X because it wouldn’t charge my 2nd generation Nexus 7, which it says is supported on their website. I don’t know if it’s my tablets hardware/software issue or if it’s just that the tablet doesn’t fit properly on the stand to where it can charge? Anyways it charged my friends phone in about under 3 hours from a very lose percentage. I didn’t feel it overheat at all and it detects right away when you place your phone/tablet on it. I like how this charger has a stand so it’s actually somewhat usable while it’s charging compared to other wireless chargers. I also like how it doesn’t come with an AC adapter so you you can use the one that came with your phone, so I’ll assume that it’ll charge with the correct voltage and amperage. Overall I definitely think this is one of the better wireless charger that you can buy as I can’t come up with any negatives, I just wish I could get my Nexus 7 to work with it. If anyone has gotten their Nexus 7 to work with this charger let me know!


I know the charger you are talking about with the Droid. The main problem that I had with it besides heating up is getting it to start charging since it is so sensitive as to the angle the phone is at. Even lined up it didn’t always start. The stand is a much better angle so if you need to use your device you can without bumping it and stopping the charge.

Thank you for the pics.
Maybe it’s due to the charger you are using?

Hi @Brandon_R, we are delighted to hear that you like the PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand. Please be advised that the PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand indeed compatible with the Nexus 7, but due to the big size of the Nexus 7, it may be a little hard to find the charging position on the PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand so that you can’t charge the tablet.

If you don’t mind, may I ask you to contact us via email address: We will try our best to make things right for you within 12 hours.

Thank you!

Maybe you can put the phone on its side?

Hi @Brandon_R, here is a photo of the position of Nexus 7 for your reference.


Thank you so much @AnkerSupport! I guess this stand isn’t really meant for the nexus 7 since it won’t charge while just sitting on the stand unless you find something to fill the gap since it’s so big. Thank you everyone for the help!

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