Anker #SummerRecharge Event

End of August already… Where did the time go?

With the summer battery dying down, we figured everyone could use a recharge before Fall! Which is why we’re bringing you the Anker #SummerRecharge :battery::sunny:

Together, let’s grab the last warm days of summer’s sun to enjoy the outdoors and let nature’s nurture recharge our spirits (:

We’ve even thrown a large giveaway together to make it that much sweeter :tada:

Visit the appropriate link below to see how you can enter to win a PowerHouse 757 along with some other awesome prizes!

For US Participants :arrow_heading_down:


For UK Participants :arrow_heading_down:


For Germany Participants :arrow_heading_down:



I did the quiz, (German) but there is no effect.
It ended with the website of the Powerhouse.
That was all.

But as its more an “unsocial media” event,
those who like such ones may do.


Link doesn’t work, requires to login to Twitter.



If you return to the Giveaway entry page, you can enter the powerhouse you had recommended to you to verify your entries and continue onward with the giveaway.

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verify requires a Twitter account login.



Interesting ToC on the US gleam site shows worldwide eligibility… so those outside US / UK / DE look to be able to enter if comfy with gleam…

Good luck to those who chose to try.

We, the “old styled” forum members are not needed. :laughing:
Zwitter, Fakebook, Ticktack users are en vogue,
But I don’t mind, no need to take part.

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First deliver the due prizes to the winners then it would be better to run new ones.

@AnkerOfficial done :heavy_check_mark:

After entering the “recommended Powerhouse,” I get booted. I tried 2 times. Arrrgh!

I entered, good luck to all who are entering. I’m really hoping to win the 3D printer personally more so than the power station. I’m sure my chances of winning either are really low anyway. Hope to see some familiar names win. Thanks Anker for the chance to win!


I would love the powerhouse just for the type of camping we do, and have as an emergency home back up. But that 3d would be so awesome to have. My wife wouldn’t be happy, but I would be haha

Just hangs for me :roll_eyes:

It’s nice to have a UK giveaway… more would be appreciated!

Mine kept hanging, and when it finally loaded I got this message. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

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Have you tried a different browser? I have seen a few things not work for no reason and worked when I went to a different browser.

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Thanks @Duane_Lester I’ll give that a try!

The quiz must be accurate because the result was the anker 521 that i already have. Looks like i need another one. I retook the quiz and I got the Anker 757 powerhouse as the result that time. Looks like I may need to upgrade :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: