Anker Soundcore Q20 gor cracked within warranty, sent refurb replacement with similar crack

I bought an Anker Soundcore Q20 last year which is still under warranty. The build quality is so poor that it got cracked on both hinges. I claimed a warranty and Anker said they will send a replacement. I am shocked to see that they sent me a refurb product (they didn’t tell me that it will be a refurb one). The product has a crack exactly at the same location my original one had. Not only that, it has hair on it. I contacted Anker and they said it is their warranty policy to send refurb products. I find this very unfair. I will never buy any Anker product again. Pure crap.

Hello, it’s really sad that Anker’s RMA policy, I’m very sad that a company that delivers quality products at an affordable price has such a bad policy regarding warranty, unlike Logitech

Totally get it. I have tried 3 replacements on some earbuds and one of the primary problems for replacement has replicated across three pairs. For the time I’ve wasted I could have paid for Sennheiser or Bose

I found cracks on the same places! and recently on one of plastic covering the sliders. sadly it’s been over the warranty. the sound quality is still spectacular so I dont have too many complaints. Any tips on how to repair the cracks?