Anker SoundCore Old School

Hi guy
Just came across this forum/community so thought I would say hello and give a shout out for my first Anker product which is still going strong.
It’s a superb Bluetooth speaker that can be used wired as well if you want.
As far as I can make out the model number is A3102
I must have this for 3 years or more which is quite some time in the world of tech.
A couple of summers out the beer garden of my local pub, a good few holidays with plenty of beach time and more, this beast have never let me down and run out of power (I believe it can last up to 24 hours)
It’s plenty loud as well, on more than one occasion I’ve been told to turn the volume down by strangers lol
I think there is a version 2 of this as well but I haven’t come across it for a long time.
Anyway, if you see these… Buy them, they are GREAT


Hey @J_Hansen
Welcome to the community, you’ll love it hear.
Such a broad range of knowledgeable members always willing to give a hand or a chat - you’ll find it’s as much about the members as the brand.
Theres a testing club that gives you an opportunity to get free products to test and review.
Power draw section where you trade bucks for entries into giveaways - you get bucks by participating on the forum.
Product reviews and lots more!

Follow a few categories you’re interested in, or even a few users (Facebook style) to get notifications of chats that could be of interest.

Enjoy the journey and dint be afraid to ask for help or guidance if you need it!

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That’s the one professor, thanks for posting that, don’t know why I didn’t look for an image to add to my review :slight_smile:

I have a couple of other Anker products but I’ll do a couple of words on those separately if there’s not several reviews here already, then I’ll just add my 2 cents to those.

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I own one them, I won it one of the many Anker giveaways and it ended used by my mum who has hearing issues to watch catch-up TV on a tablet. She likes loud but not distortion.

About 3/4ths of my Anker stuff goes to friend family as it’s good stuff and I can gift someone better stuff than they can buy themselves.

A week back a family member described an old iPhone going flat quickly, they took my last Powercore “lipstick” I had bought 3 years ago still working and their feedback was it was perfect.

Anker has been always good customer service and never unreasonable in warranty issues, a pleasant contrast with, cough, others.

If I had a Euro for each person that took a picture of it or wrote down the details of it over the two summers we were using it the beer garden so they could go home and look it up online I would have made a fair few quid :slightly_smiling_face:
It was actually such a popular thing that the pub invested in a soundbar and put out permanently.

Fixed the name of the speaker in the thread title to not confuse people :slight_smile:

My Anker SoundCore A3102011 Bluetooth Speaker is now completely frozen.Its not turning on or off.When i press the power button only the intro tune is heard,no matter how many times i press the power button.The speaker is not connecting to any of devices.The status indicator is always on red.There is also a buzzing or humming sound coming from the speaker.Pls help find a solution.