Anker SoundCore Motion+ shutdowns while playing on bluetooth

I think it’s not purely BT fault, not on Ubuntu 20.04, could also be Pulseaudio.

I’ve found Android more reliable for BT. It is just my Linux is a full laptop (keyboard, trackpad, multitasking) so is easier to do many things at once while Android is only good for 1 or 2 things at once.

The most reliable bluetooth + Linux product I’ve ever owned is Bose.

There’s always some risk with any product, so before purchase work up a test plan and on delivery test an item in the free return window, and no hesitance to return it.

You can’t avoid having to waste time with a product but you can avoid paying for something you don’t like.

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yes that’s exactly what I do. I didn’t know of anything around 70gbp that was better (if you do please let me know. I’m still in return window).
I was hoping the auto shut off would get a firmware update to fix it or offer the option to never auto shut off

Same problem, it appears that the Ubuntu is not sending some additional “I am playing music now” signal to the speaker that the speaker needs.
So the auto power off kicks in, even if you are playing music all the time. I suggested to disable auto power off [here].(
User The_professor mentioned that you can simply charge the speaker and it will not turn off.

Same problem on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. I don’t have anything else to add, just glad to hear that my Motion+ is not faulty.

Sometimes I also have issues with audio cracking and volume not being at its max (both happen at the same time), which is resolved by sudo systemctl restart bluetooth, might help someone.

This happened to my m + too.
But I gave that speaker to a friend, so I can not reproduce that anymore.
Difficult to say what is the reason.

I use/used only very!!! old hardware, bt is/was 2.0.

`hciconfig -a

A table of the corresponding HCI and Bt version can be found easily.

Hey folx :slight_smile:

So, my Motion+ has been playing music for awhile after connected to Bluetooth and will randomly stop playing. The speaker would not shut off entirely, just will pause the music suddenly. No warning, speaker fully charged and all.

I don’t have Linux and am a pretty inexperienced tech user. Any suggestions, feedback would be helpful.

Thank you, Community!

I would say, give us more information. :smiley:

What device are you using (Laptop, PC, phone)?
Which OS (LINUX, WIN, MAC-OS, Android) is running on these devices?
Does this issue happen, when you connect the speaker to another device?
You should delete the speaker from the bt-list totally from the device you are normally using,
before testing this, to avoid multiple connection.

Hi, thank you for responding! :nerd_face:

I am using a Dell Inspiron 15-3552 laptop. Windows 10 Home, version 22H2, Windows Feature Experience Pack.

This does not happen when I connect my speaker to the tv or my phone.

Oh, are you saying that being in multiple connection mode can sometimes result in this experience I am having? It seems to happen either way, tho, I think.

Are there tests you recommend?

When using WIN you should make sure that the bluetooth driver you use is the original one which is given by the manufacturer of the built in bluetooth card.
Normally WIn uses its default bluetooth driver which could cause issues.
You should install the driver from the manufacturer instead of the default one.

I am using a Soundcore Motion+ with my 2021 MacBook Pro and with my 2020 iPad Pro.
Fully charged, connected via bluetooth, after some random music listening or movie watching, the music/movie stops and I realize the speaker shut down.

I’ve been using this for about a year or so. This had not happened before. Only recently.

I am, or was, happy with the performance/price ratio of Anker products. But if this goes unsolved, it’s a big bad rep.


You could write an email to the soundcore support.
Was there any update of that Macbook recently, which could have caused this issue?