Anker Soundcore Mini SD Card Info and MP3 info?

I’m thinking about buying a Soundcore Mini only for use with SD card. I’m wondering what type of SD card I should be using.? Also does it have an aux out port to go to another speaker? I have ordered a SanDisk Micro SD 32GB SDHC. Will this work? Is there another speaker that is better for for cheap that plays SD cards? I have a speaker I got at a convention that was free. It’s called a CPP-4303. It won’t work with a 128GB micro SD card, which is why I ordered the 32GB one. Will this work? If so I won’t order Soundcore Mini. What is the best version of Soundcore mini with SD card input slot? What format should I use for the music (etc. mp3, wav, flac)?
Yur boi Frederico


I think a 32 GB should work.
Those cards can be formatted FAT32.

Hey Frederico
It’s compatible with up to 32gb, so gues that’s any SDHC card NOT SDXC.
Have fun.

The Soundcore Mini only has aux in capability not out, so you won’t be able to daisy chain the speaker.

Cards up to 32GB are officially supported (64GB should also work), file formats need to be mp3 from what I can remember…

Will ACC formatted cards work in Ankor mini