Anker Soundcore Life !10

I bought today thisSoundcore Li 10 a Bluetooth device
I paired it with my PC very well , but when i open sound devices and i chose headset not headphones no sound come through
i need to connect headset so i can play games and chat
my other headphone works well but this one is not

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Unpair and pair again
Update the drivers

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@nourhan_ali_ibrahem If you are using Windows ( Windows 10 or 7 - which I believe you do) you should be able to control from Windows Audio control from system tray.

There are multiple apps you can use to do Control audio output on Windows. One app you could try is EarTrumpet. There may also be a msi / installer if you have Windows 7, but never tried.

Microsoft Store

Get EarTrumpet - Microsoft Store

Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for EarTrumpet.

From the app - you should be able to choose Headset.

Also write to Soundcore support if you need support.

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I did unpair and pair again and nothing happens

I downloaded it but still have the same issue
do you have this headphones ?
if you do can you test the headset and tell me if you hear any sound from it or not ?

yes, I do have the Soundcore Life Q10, I usually use it for listening music, will test the headset and let you know

thank you very much … thanks

So I tried now to call a friend on Facebook on my PC
With headphone
He heard me well but I didn’t hear him
If you could help me and try to make a call on pc with your headphones and tell me please i will be greatfull

@nourhan_ali_ibrahem So i tested and here are the results:

  1. Tested Life Q10 with iPhone (Over BT)-- works fine, able to hear / voice heard at other side.
  2. Tested Life Q10 with Windows (Over BT) – Voice not heard on Life Q10 , Other side able to heard my voice
  3. Tested Life Q10 with Windows over Aux – works fine, able to hear / voice heard at other side.

Looks like there is something on Windows 10 with Life Q10 paired over Bluetooth, Audio is not heard, similar to what you mentioned.

I have already sent an email to for this issue and will post the response when I hear. I suggest you too do the same. this may be the first time I ever tested Life Q10 with Windows 10 for a call


Ok thanks alot
I will contact them too and let you know

I have received the inputs from Soundcore Support, and plan to do them today. Will post updates today, hope it works! :crossed_fingers:

Ok I am waiting

They contacted me as well
Theses are their reply and my reply to them
There reply

My reply