Anker Soundcore Liberty [Upgraded] (Model A3912) left bud not working: FIXED

Hi everyone…

So I just spent the past hour or so trying to get my left and right buds to pair again.

This procedure has been tested and works for model A3912. These are the ones in the black case with the “roundish” earbud body that has interchangeable ear size tips and interchangeable silicone covers with various different sizes of “wings” to hold it in the ear.

This is NOT the “oval” earbud body of the Liberty NEO. This process may or may not work for those or any other model. It also likely will not work for the Liberty “Air” with the “stems”.

On this particular model (later branded as the Zolo Soundcore Liberty) here’s the magic button dance…

1: Delete any existing Soundcore Liberty pairing on your phone and turn off Bluetooth.
2: Take the buds out of the charging case if they aren’t already.
3: Turn the buds on if they aren’t already (LED is blinking or pulsing white in some form).
4: Starting with the right earbud, hold down the button until you see a quick red flash and the LED goes out.
5: Release the button.
6: Hold the button for about 8-10 seconds until you see a quick “pinkish” flash from the LED.
7: Repeat the process on the left earbud. Both buds should have LEDs flashing white pretty consistently-the left one might be pulsing or blinking.
8: Turn the buds back on if they are not already.
9: Turn Bluetooth on and pair with your phone.

Both sides should be working again!

Hope this helps someone.


Thank you! I read so many other forums that didn’t work with the reset options. Finally found my model number and your steps to fix this. So glad to have two ear buds again!