Anker SOLIX Showing at RE+ Show

A collection of images from the RE+ Show happening in Las Vegas today through Friday. Anker SOLIX is there, and sharing images of product I have yet to see in real life. It’s a very exciting time to be at Anker. We’ve just launched campaigns for Nano and Prime on the charging side, and have new product including the C1000, F3800 and HES X1 on the SOLIX side.

Hit me with questions and your curiosities.

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The big boys have entered the chat.

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I think Anker is on to something which will be a growing sector.

But it likely won’t grow for a few more years.

Global warming makes national grid power lines fail. Heat makes wires droop and increases resistance which creates a feedback loop of even more heat.

The move to EV will make the grids fail even faster.

Global warming feeding into more installations of Air Conditioning will make the grids fail even faster.

The more extreme rain will also make for “get out of Dodge” situations, currently only really common on the gulf coast, to be wider. So portability is also going to be a key differentiator Vs fixed static systems.

I think it will take a few years before people take it seriously, there’s natural cycles where you can go a few years of benign weather then a really bad year to remind everyone global warming is here to stay for at least a century.