Anker Solix is at Outdoor Retailer!

Outdoor Retailer is a legendary exposition for the outdoor industry. Name an iconic brand, and they’re here. Name a new brand, and they’re likely here drumming up new business.

Retailers and vendors fly in from around the world to Salt Lake City, Utah, and the Salt Palace Convention Center, which is huge. (I saw Queensrÿche here in the 90s. Not relevant, but I definitely have to mention that the scene is very different when OR is in town.)

The event is open only to businesses, not regular people, because this is where many new products are introduced for the first time.

Anker Solix is here (and so am I!)

Thought I’d share some pictures of our booth. It really looks great and I’m very impressed with the retail marketing team for pulling this together.

I’m curious … do you know about this show, the Outdoor Retailer show? I grew up in a very outdoorsy town, so it was kind of a badge of honor to get to come here. I was glad to come back again in a professional capacity. (I was here in 2014 with

In another post, I’ll share some new product that’s not yet available … so stay tuned.



I know currently you’re launching car-camping products.

If you want to get into backpacking products then let us know.

The emphasis is on weight, multi-purpose, waterproof.

Happy to join a Solix product manager AMA event.

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I do not but I would figure my aunt may have got to attend it a time or two as she used to work for an RV camping business here in WV several years back.


Not wanting to get into any discussions why I think this, I think we’re sooner than most think for the next pandemic. Probably a Flu one.

I think folks getting into separate living spaces, like RV and distance living is probably someone smart should research.

The plus side is between now and then lots of rich outdoor experience to enjoy.