ANKER SOLIX F3800 Kickstarter just arrived.... reboots every 30 seconds and not usable

Hi Everyone,

New to the Forum. Have used small Anker products from Amazon for years.

Decided to buy Anker F3800 (arrived yesterday) and 1 additional battery (BP3800 which has not arrived yet).

Downloaded the Anker App and upgraded the F3800 to Firmware 1.2.6 using my phone.

Plugged it into the household wall outlet and the device is rebooting itself every 30 seconds. The charging (default 1800W) starts at 2000W, drops to 600W then the unit shuts off (0W). I’m getting notifications every 30 seconds that the Unit has become disconnected.

Thinking maybe it was excessive voltage for the plug, I’ve turned down the charging voltage to 200W. It starts at 200W, then drops to 0W when it reboots every 30 secs.

The F3800 got to 100% charge, I unplugged it from the wall and it’s still rebooting every 30 seconds.

As per Anker support, I’ve tried to power a device with the F3800 but as it turns off every 30 seconds I’m only able to get the AC power switch to be on for about 5 seconds before everything powers out.

Here is a video of the charging problems. The unit is now stuck at 200W. I can’t get it to go back to 1800W charging rate presumably because it’s reboots before it can accept new settings.

Here is a video clip of the F3800 unplugged trying to power a home oxygen concentrator. It reboots every 30 seconds, making device unusable.

Just wondering if any other Kickstarters have seen this issue and what the fix is. Did I buy a $6000 doorstop? Waiting on Anker’s reply also.


Hey @boo4 … Apologies for my delayed reply. I thought I replied – and maybe I did if you postd in the Facebook Group, too. In any case, I’m of the mind that it doesn’t matter if others are experiencing this, too. It doesn’t work for you, and I don’t think it’s working like it should.

Have you reached out to Please do.

And when you do, be sure to have your order number ready along with a video.

I’m really sorry. It’s hard to know what happens with a device between our warehouse and a courier. These are heavy devices, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, and while they’re durable, they are not meant to be dropped from the lift gate of a truck :grimacing:

Hi thanks for the response.

Yes after a few emails with support and a few more videos they have decided the unit is defective and are in the process of arranging an exchange. I’m glad they are facilitating this because the thought of bringing 130lbs to the post office and paying for shipping is highly unappealing but here’s hoping the customer support comes through!