Anker Solix F1200 is NOT a UPS

So I tested a Powerhouse 757 / Solix F1200 this last few days.

It claims to be a UPS but I’ve verified that is not true.


  • plugged freezer into Powerhouse and Powerhouse into mains.
  • I pressed the button to activate the AC sockets.
  • I then cut the mains power at the central circuit breaker to begin a simulated power outage.
  • the power kept going to the AC - the freezer kept receiving power.
  • when the Powerhouse was about to run out of power - 2% I then turned power back on.
  • instead of the Powerhouse then continuing to give AC power out, it disabled AC outlet, and the freezer went off.

So if you had a power outage, a brief one, and didn’t know, say away from home, the Powerhouse would cause your devices to remain unpowered, e.g. freezer contents wasted, until you returned home.

So it’s not a UPS.

Hope that helps anyone deciding if to buy one.

FYI my freezer worked for 30 hours on the Powerhouse. It should have lasted around 64 hours.


This is really interesting. Maybe there’s an update that can fix it.?

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What do you think about the amortisation of such a solar power station?

I don’t know how much 1 kWh costs in the UK.
Here in Germany its pretty expensive but its getting cheaper meanwhile.
eg. now the cheapests supplier is about 0,25 Euros per kWh.
Of course it differs from the suppliers.

To find out the best (not the cheapest one )
one can use “verivox” here

One can use a Munich post code : 80331 to check that out :grin:

Yeah, hopefully they do. Or give clarification.

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There’s a few upgrades coming, currently sold in China and on their Japan website (so I don’t think I’m breaking the ToS) totally different products.

I’m thinking now of returning.

Reasons to not return is I’m guessing the upgraded product would probably cost more, and my overall plan is to handle known planned outages I’d be interactively mitigating as my current home has reliable power I’m solving predicted issues.

Wow that’s a big difference in one they claim especially if you are counting on this great catch in checking. Hopefully Anker has a comment to make on this

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Did support ever clarify the UPS capability at all or figure out what is going wrong?

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So if it’s really not a UPS, what would it be considered? Honest question, not trying to be difficult. @professor

I’ve not asked them yet. I need to be home in house for 2 days to rerun the test it may have been the power saving switch toggle.

The Power output is only on when you physically press a button so if it turns itself off it remains off even when power returns. I need to find out if that’s true if power saving is off. That takes 2 days and of course the mains power is off and I need to periodically check so it’s a long test.

I’m traveling, I’ll retry later.

But it does prove a point. If your testers are just kids with cameras who read out what they’ve been told then truth never gets found.

Kids would be better that those “tattlers” producing pure, useless propaganda
The worst are those “unpacker videos”.

“We have a box, inside is … blablabla”":roll_eyes:

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