Anker RVShare giveaway

I found this on Anker site on Instagram.

A giveaway contest with RVshare. I am sorry to say this was a US only contest. It looks like it is a short contest with 7 days til it ends. Winner announced on the 17th.

Prize is:

  1. ​An Anker 521 PowerHouse
  2. A 2-night stay at a KOA ($200 Gift Card)
  3. A 2-night stay in an RVshare Rental ($500 Credit)

Good luck if you try it.


Its for those using instagram.
Not for us here.
Living on this graveyard. :rofl:


I entered it yesterday! A very impressive prize package!

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I did not enter…The device is good, but I do not need the RV stuff as my brother let us use his.

My wife and I have talked about doing some RV trips, and even possibly buying one. This would be a great chance to get to experience it and possibly push us over the edge and make us buy one. (Yay, more money…… :weary:…… ) :rofl:

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My neighbour has such a vehicle.
I took a look at of course.
Not for me.
I need space.
It reminds me of a cave or a jail cell. :rofl:

For vacations only a house is fine.
Don’t like hotels neither.
Too much noise,
Regulated hours for meals etc.

For many it should be great, to do such RV trips, so enjoy it. :smiley:


Not on Instagram personally but always appreciate the share for others Incase they don’t see it.

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Unsure if anybody has won from here but good luck if you do win…