Anker Re[Charge] Live Stream Event June 13th

Saw this event for June 13th pop up on my YouTube subscription list, wonder what it could be???


Yeah I saw it on facebook advertised. Sounds like a good green event :slight_smile:

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There’s a heap of new Anker products in the charging space upcoming.

If I knew I wasn’t breaking the ToS I’d discuss it here.

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tries to be patient tries to be patient

If a business was trying to be green they’d be presenting ways to make best use of what customers already owned.

If you were a business pretending to be green you’d be presenting new things to consumers they probably don’t need and say it’s green.

I bought an Anker charger this week, to give to someone who needed a faster tablet, and then I’m taking their older tablet to someone who doesn’t have one and eyes failing and phone screen too small. So that’s a 4 and 5 year old tablet getting better homes. That’s green. A great big heap of new manufacturing isn’t green.

I’m ok with selling new stuff for people who want it. That’s just honest. Burden is then on consumer to decide. I’m not ok with fake green when someone is trying to be green and ends up not, then the burden is on the marketing.

The single biggest cause of issues is consuming new products. Repurposing, make do, repair, is lowest issues as there’s less digging up new raw materials, less transportation, etc.

If Anker wanted to be greener I’d advocate a fewer set of products released less frequently designed to last years. Most of my Anker kit is 5 years old.

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I’m assuming you’re speaking in general about people.

Correct, edited to be a little more clear was a reply to the topic not a person. Thanks.

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