Anker Quality Control really sucks

To put this into context, I initially bought a Soundcore 2 wayyy back in 2017 using a different amazon account.
However I returned it because it had weird audio fluctuation issues. Anker were generous to send me a replacement. At first, I thought the new one was all good cos the audio fluctuation however the new one had a new audio issue that was a dealbreaker.
In certain songs (I noticed this in Green day’s Wake Me up when September ends and Boulevard of Broken dreams) there is a split second audio “limiting” effect where there will be half a second where the speaker is ever so slightly quieter.
At first I thought my brain was making it up, but the more I tested the more I found it was legit and my brain wasn’t making it up.
And before anyone calls me a nitpicker, there really should not be issues like these on a speaker before you start mass selling them on amazon. It’s unacceptable.
I actually complained to Anker again after this and they were generous enough to send me a free soundcore boost as an apology (which had a defective battery…as well as the replacement they sent me).
So in total, Anker sent me 4 defective speakers.
This soundcore 2 I have has been eating dust these past 5 years because I couldn’t be bothered dealing with Anker anymore so I moved on to Marshall.
I just booted it up again recently to make sure I wasn’t going mad for noticing the audio issue and lo and behold, I wasn’t it’s still definitely there.
It’s a shame because the speaker itself is nice.
It has a great design and good sound quality for the price.
I really really hope since I last used anker products they have improved their quality and quality control.
I’m not eager to go back to their speakers anytime soon until they fix their quality control.

The limiting effect is common on a lot of speakers and headphones across many major brands and manufacturers. This is often not a defective device but by design. My Bose QC25’s is the worst offender of this; it is designed to do this to volume limit to prevent headphone distortion or blow out when there is increased volumes.

This may or may not be the case with the speakers in question, but something to keep in mind. I’ve also never heard of anyone having as much issue as you have with Anker products, but their support has always been stellar in my opinion.


I have and had some soundcore speakers.
Those I gave to friends I can not say if these are still working perfectly.
I still own an old Flare, where I had to swap the battery,
But now its fine.
Never had other issues.
At the moment I use those two Flares and two Flares mini.
All perfect.
Fantastic sound with Pulseeffects. (Best audio tool ever)

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