Anker Products at my Local Library

I stopped into my local library with my daughter to get her a video game and a few books and noticed they had some random electronics, cameras, hard drives and a ton of @AnkerOfficial gear to check out.

Chargers, cables, power banks… Oh my!! So run, don’t walk to yours today!


Oh wow never seen this before. So you get to take an Anker product out for a week and then return it?


Yep! I think most were 2 week rentals.

They have telescopes, go pros.

I wonder if Anker would donate used/refurbed units to libraries or I’m guessing the library just purchased them. Cool nonetheless, I didn’t get anything because I have a ton of stuff as it is.


Its interesting, really.
A great idea the employees of the library had.
Perfect for testing and acquiring after.

Its a perfect propaganda for Anker product.
The company could donate refurbished and checked items to such librarie.
Of course for free! :rofl::rofl:


I need to check my library to see if they have any GoPros lol