Anker Prime Announcement

New Anker Prime devices now available for purchase! The 250W power bank looks amazing.


A lot of great devices! It’s all I can do not to buy one of everything!

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And GaNPrime UK folding pins.


Wow, I love the look of the new products. And I love how small they are. This is exciting!

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Love these new charging bricks, but they got me feeling a little nostalgic. Does anyone else miss the small, “lipstick”-style chargers from a few years ago? I know they would only give half a charge to a smartphone by today’s standards, but they were so easy to slip into my pocket! :smile:


Well, shucks. Your enthusiasm made me smile. Thank you!

Ha! I got one as part of my company onboarding – not the pictured model, but same idea. I like it – super handy size.

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I bought 3!

Perfect for lady’s handbag.

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Always used to gift mine away…ended up with a small stockpile of them from either early competitions, power draws or Christmas bundles

Preferred the slim line versions



The only Anker device I outright broke; it somehow survived two different drops onto tile before succumbing to about a 5 foot drop onto asphalt a few months later. Was super compact and fit into my EDC setup nicely; carried that thing for probably two years and it went through some serious abuse. I miss it too!

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To be honest i don t like the idea of moving parts for a charger. From my point of view the chargers were already quite small. Don t see the real benefit if you decrease the size a little more by moving the charger pins.

Hallo Ryan,
I think my daughter has such one.
I have to ask her.
I handed over such a christmas gift from ANKER to her
(headphone, cable and such a “small chic” pb)

Oh, how were those good old times, we got christmas gifts, :innocent:

But when traveling she uses “bigger” ones from my “storage”.

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The Anker Xmas gift pack included the bigger product along with the Q10 headphones.

Nice to see new devices…sorry been on vacation last two weeks with limited interactions.

Nice devices…will need to see which ones that would be good one that I like

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