Anker PowerWave+ for Apple Watch and iPhone Tested



Why thank you very much.


Cool, Great Pictures


Nice review and nice pictures! I think your review is a little late :confused:


Thanks for posting your review, I would have liked a little more in depth of how long it took to charge your pixel and iPhone.


Great review and pictures :thumbsup:


Thanks! great pics!


Great review and great pictures as well. Glad I wasn’t selected for this contest since I was planning on using to charge my Samsung Watch and from your review it seems like it wouldn’t have worked. Thanks for sharing your review :thumbsup:


Thanks for sharing your review and pictures!


It didn’t work at all on the Samsung Watch.


The first unit had a technical issue with it so they sent a replacement. At the time I reported the issue, they didn’t have inventory available to send me a new one. Hence, I had to wait.


That makes sense. Glad you got it all sorted out!


Good review and pics.



If you don’t mind me asking, what issues did you have with the first one they sent you?


Nice review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and images of the new charger.


Can you elaborate a bit more on why the Samsung watch did not work with the charger?


very lucky nice review to in love with the white power wave


The first one the USB power adaptor with it didn’t work and the charging pad was a little finicky.

The second one was a lot better.


There is no charger for the watch in the stand. It is just a stand.

In order, for the Apple charging part to work, you need to insert the Apple magnetic charger into it, which is why the bottom opens and has a USB port in it with a way to neatly coil the USB cable in it.


Thanks for getting back and letting me know :thumbsup: mayve they come out with a version that works for other watches


thanks for sharing, this is still not useful for me. Possibly in a few years time it may