Anker PowerPrime not outputting as per advertised

Hi, I just got the powerprime 27650. Used the given 140W cable as well as multiple 5A cables to test charging my laptop Lenovo X1 gen3 Xtreme. However, it gives a slow charge and output of 55.7W max. Anyone can help? Is it cable issue do I need to get higher W cable like 280W?

It really depends on the laptop on the maximum wattage it will allow over usb-c. This would involve the PowerDelivery negotiation and what Amps/Volts the laptop requires. Looking at this document, it looks like it uses their standard AC adapter connection for maximum charging:

Had time to look a little more. Look at the solution here:

It looks like it MAY charge when the laptop is off, or slow the rate of discharge of the battery while in use. However it does not look like the USB-C PD implemation that Lenovo went with allows more than 60 Watts, potentially 90Watts under certain circumstances. It also appears they outright turned off USB-C PD charging in Gen 4.

Hmm this is weird because I got the new Anker Prime charging base that supports 100W usb c charging and using the same cable it charges my laptop perfectly. However the Anker PowerPrime only indicates 31.8W which results in the slow charging

Is the PowerPrime charging at 55 or 31W? When you say charging, is the laptop battery depleted and charging while off? If the laptop is in use while being charged, it can call for different wattages depending on load and remaining laptop battery power.

Otherwise, I would contact support.